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sherman M4A4 (in France )


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thank you for your encouragement.

I'm not pretentious, this project is difficult and is the only sherman in my hand. I love it in better condition.

Lack of finance is an obstacle to my research, but in France there are some parts that are hidden and I have friends who help me. Here are some finds.

some wheels





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this power train is very heavy

first i buy it for the final drive

normally I can exchange the late power train against an early with a friend

The removal was not difficult, you just pay attention to her feet.

It's all for now.

Few parts arrive later.

Thank you for visiting and interest I'll post news when I have








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Here I present you this project of restoration of sherman.

i Waiting to find a number of parts to start working.

In the meantime I restore a vehicle for a very good friend, in exchange I lend it to restore the sherman.

It's another story I'll tell you

this is the picture of this vehicle an heavy wrecker "ward lafrance"



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yes but i'd imagine that the authorities would make money on the sale of 2 vehicles they have never maintained

as opposed to spending money on vehicles they have to


Fox - do not even consider asking if you can have a ride................:coffee:

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Hi supertrac, you've got a great project on the go there and looks as though your finding the parts , what part of France are you in , I've a brother that lives near Vieux Mareuil one of his friends had a MX-30

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I'd love to see the photos but the server won't let me! I'll have to wait until I'm back in England, but it SOUNDS very interesting, thanks for saving a piece of history. Nevermind one Sherman troop, the HMVF will have a couple of troops at this rate.. maurice, yours is a Ic right? How is it coming along?

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Great news on your engine mon ami.

Our engine is finally on it's way to us after about 6 months - just need the firewall and the rest of the interior now...

If you have a spare final drive flange - the one which bolts on to the gearbox end of the prop shaft, and a spare first motion shaft let me know.

Progress is progress.....



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Will be great when its finished, good to see another piece of history saved, keep up the good work, and enthusiasm.

I like the way parts turn up "found it with an old man" i would love that engine as centre piece in my garage.

restauration Excellent mon ami, tres bien, bonne chance! :D



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