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  1. From memory GG is a Dennis application, can't remeber what LF is - not much help i know.... Again, from memory, Bedford is BO. Ken
  2. It's a long shot perhaps, but i have seen some weird and wonderful things identified by forum members over the years, so does anyone recognise the below? First is some sort of manual hydraulic or fuel pump.... The handle only moves through 90 degrees if that helps at all. [ATTACH=CONFIG]94042[/ATTACH] Next appears to be something which is vacuum operated, i have two, one is more complete than the other, and the vacuum appears to have operated a rod which is attached to a potentiometer - a bit like a fuel gague. Then something which appears to be two gyroscopes - one has a manuf plate saying it is a gyro. It looks like two electric motors, one mounted horizintally and one mounted vertically - each one operating an arm which moves one of the two pointers on the top. The tag reads ASYNCHRON-KREISEL Bauart:Kreiselgerate Sach Nr 127-221.04 Herst VDo TACHOMETER. The mount is stamped F.919. Next, i have no idea other than it appears to be part of the hydraulic or fuel system.... And finally, no idea again, other than i do not think the bracket it is mounted to has anything to do with it, the pump itself is aluminium (or similar) where the mount seems to have been made out of part of of a railway track! The tag reads GRAETZIN ZD350mul Nr291BR1 LIZENZ Egersdoerfer
  3. As the ongoing clearout/tidyup/sort out whatever the current term is for it, i have unearthed some German aircraft parts. Some of them i have managed to identify, but these two i can not. The first is obviously a spark plug, marked 8XVIII to the body and SP to the part which screws in to head. I do not think this is German.... But can anyone identify it? The next item looks German to me, has the same hole around the nut at the top for the lock wire are other German aircraft parts i have been able to identify. It looks like a temperature sender/probe to me....? Thanks for any help - if you can identify...
  4. I'm sorry Neil, i have no idea. The chap who gave them to me was a good friend who was moving to Spain and having a clear out. He knew my interest in 'all things military' so passed them to me. I have no reason to doubt what he told me, or that he believed what he had been told by his Father. Sadly, a serious motorcycle accident in Spain killed the chap that gave them to me so the trail has gone cold. The Rhodesia patch looks to have some age to it, but the BSAP slip ons do look very new (NOS rather than printed recently). Thanks for your help. Ken
  5. I have less than no idea what a 59 pattern denison looks like - i have seen some wartime denisons and neither of these are anything like those. Neither of these have zips and one is more like a heavy shirt than a jacket. Ken
  6. Thankyou Neil. What sort of time period are these? Are they both from the same time period? I would like to see them go to a good home, but have no idea of their value. Ken
  7. It most certainly is. I have an original (period) print of that photo. It was taken in Port En Bessin. The street looks pretty much the same now as it did then. Ken
  8. I know nothing about these two jackets other than they came from the son of a chap who apparently served in some capacity in South Africa during the 60s/70s. Any help identifying them, and any idea of value would be gratefully received. Thanks Ken The first one has four pockets, each with two buttons and are sqaure edged, reinforced elbow pads and a pen pocket to the upper left arm. It has a lining with a drawstring and the Rhodesia patch as shown. The second one is more of a shirt in style, with two upper pockets, single button fastening and BSAP slides to the epaulettes.
  9. It looks a lot like the one which was in my 1932 Austin 10/4 saloon - but it is 25 years since i sold it.... Ken
  10. About that there is no doubt - at least i could crawl under a caravan for 5 minutes to escape the direct sun every now and again - the team doing the car park had no such luck and it was ferocious down there (i know as i did a half hour stint on Sunday afternoon). By Sat evening it was hard to tell where the orange hi-viz stopped and my skin began..... We've got our ears on though, and welcome the feedback - because without it we don't know worked and didn't work from everyone elses perspective - and as i say, we can't fix things which we don't know are broken..... Good to see you again mon ami - a la prochaine.... Ken
  11. Thanks John, we had hoped to get even more vehicles moving this year, but the constraints of them moving in a field which is being set for pyros made it awkward, also, they would have had to move from static display in a public area to the arena and back. We will see what we can do for next year. Simple things also make this tough, like finding someone who knows what all the vehicles are and can talk about them..... (Especially when they have no idea, which of 400 odd vehicles is likely to drive in to the arena)...... I am glad you enjoyed it and next year who knows. Ken
  12. This so far, somewhat selfishly is my favourite picture so far... We had to move one of the toilets on site on the Friday Did you know that a standard portable toilet fits neatly in to a Ben Hur trailer? Ken
  13. Thankyou for your feedback with regards to this years Yorkshire Wartime Experience. We are delighted to report that from the organising team's perspective, the Hunsworth Branch of the Yorkshire Meteorological Society's second annual conference on global climate change, all appears to have gone well. We are concerned by our current projections in relation to the weather for next year's event (given the change from last year), so please keep an eye on the web site (http://www.ywe-event.info) for information regarding next year's event. On behalf of Nelz, Debbie, Stuart, Mark and myself, I would like to thank all who attended the event in whatever capacity, public, vehicle owners, re-enactors, stall holders and the weather. Without you, there is no show and we would simply be sat in the middle of thirty odd acres of prepared site, waiting for something to happen. The show simply does not 'happen' without YOU. Our thanks specifically must go to the Yorkshire 4x4 volunteers who marshalled the car park for us on both days, did a superb job without any respite from the heat and seem keen to do so again, to the security and other marshals who did a very professional job (particularly with a couple of awkward ambulance movements), to the 25pdr team, the WW1 and WW2 re-enactors who expended so much effort either in the battles and/or setting up their magnificent displays, all vehicle owners, the other site staff who provided catering and refreshments - and all the other people who helped in one way or another over the weekend, many of whom as last year, we will not even know about. We are aware that some things need to be changed/improved/added/deleted and as re-enactors and vehicles owners ourselves we relish your feedback, we can not guarantee to ‘fix’ everything to everyone’s satisfaction, but we can guarantee not to be able to ‘fix’ things that we do not know about - so please tell us. We are conscious that there has been some comment with regards to the marshalling of the battles - BUT safety is our primary concern; many new battle re-enactors were taking part for the first time, and with both large and small vehicles taking part in the battles we did what we considered we had to do to make the experience as safe as possible. 150+ re-enactors, with several large and small vehicles all occupying the same space which at times is covered in smoke is an enormous responsibility, and not one which we take lightly. As the show develops and the teams get used to the terrain and working together the battles can only get better – we will not however compromise on safety. We know that the show is about what YOU contribute to it, without you there is no show, so thankyou again for your support. As a piece of trivia, you might like to know that of the 280 odd school children who we had on site on the Friday, at least 100 of them came back over the weekend with their parents. That is at least 100 students in whom you have sparked or nurtured some sort on interest in the conflicts of the past 100 years. Well done. We also had a number of visitors who returned on the Sunday, happy to pay again, as they did not get chance to see everything during their visit on the Saturday – we did not do that, YOU all did.
  14. I'm pretty sure that Dave doesn't have a website - so if you find his web site you will have developed extraordinary IT skills... His e-mail is libertyengineeringservices(at)btinternet.com If you can't get hold of him, drop me a pm. Ken
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