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Dug in Tank near Arnhem

Morris C8

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If this is the one along the bottom road by the Rhine or Waal river

which the church is on going towards Arnhem from the Oosterbeek

direction and you go to the owner of the garden which it is in there

is a block house just behind it which you cannot see from the road


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I have put a video + photos of it on Flcker. type. [ dug in tank at arnhem ]. you cant get into it. but some day you never know some one will dig it up and get it going. needs a new engine. wonder if it still is on the Dutch military books. we passed it on our trip to Arnhem this Sept 2009.

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There are plenty more in the area, all in concrete. It was for a defense line called the "ijsellinie" to stop the Russians. The plan was to flood the Rhine using concrete cassions that were to be pushed into the river. The flooded area was to be dominated by the shermans and other defenses. The plan was of course long absolete even before they started building so it was not in use for a long time.


I'll post some more pics later.

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The defensive line consists of Shermans and Rams. The Rams had a .30 cal mg fitted in the turret in place of the main gun and the majority of the Shermans were Fireflies retaining their 17 pdrs. This one is a standard 75mm Sherman so probably had a .30 fitted like the Rams.


In all cases, the hulls were completely gutted with doors cut into the back to allow access. All suspension units etc were removed. A couple have been restored in situ and I think they should remain as such. They are an interesting reminder of the post-war situation.

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Now it gets really interesting, some pics of concreted shermans in the area. All on the south bank of the Rhine in an area called Meinerswijk. This area even has the remains of a Roman fort so it's pretty historic ground.






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And last but certainly not least the harbour where the concrete cassion was maintained that could be pushed into the river to stem the flow.


This harbour is now in use bythe local Scouting group of which I'm a member too.


I used to live next door to the line and now I can still go there and take a look at all the serial numbers if anybody is interested.




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I never knew about these, interesting stuff. Reminds me of a photo in 'tracklink' many years ago, of a number of IS3s dug in in eastern USSR during the cold war once they had become obscelete. Bearing in mind these, the MKIVs in Bulgaria and the Golan and those Comets / Cromwells* in Finland to name but a few it seems that digging in old Armour was rather popular!


*Brain has gone, can't remember calibre (105 or 120mm) or the da*n name of those retrofited Cromwells, c'mon Adrian you've got one :-)

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I came across this one this morning in kornwderzand holland. I don't think the tank is underneath. there is a museum and a number of dutch bunkers in the area, but everything was written in dutch. I've found a website but thats all in dutch too, http://www.strijdbewijs.nl/kornwerderzand/museum.htm





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Has the turret been used as a gun emplacement, or is it an exhibit?


According the website about Kornwederzand this is an real fixed defence position

So not just an exhibit


Here is an Sherman Firefly turret



RAM turret with MG, near Olst



Besides the Canadian RAM and US Sherman tanks also other armoured vehicles where used

At the Overloon museum is an T17 Staghound that has been used some where along the defence line



Some more information





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