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  1. The Cromwell belongs to the Belgium military museum and if I'm informed correctly it will move to the new museum at Bastenaken / Bastogne And they did bring some other nice vehicles
  2. No idea, it is not possible to read serial numbers So unless there is some external feature between the 2 .. :??? Michel
  3. Thanks Michel That's the reason I changed my name to MichelK :-D
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, however the red one looks like it has Sherman HVSS track It could be a remodelled Sherman or M74 recovery Michel
  5. :???:??? ... realy no idea how you call such a piece of equipment However this is the complete thinghy :-D http://www.dennisbosman.nl/foto/reizen/canada/attracties7/080928%207108.jpg Michel
  6. there are more survivors, the only problem some are rebuild I found this one at a Dutch forum about .... vehicle's (meant in the most wide sens of the word :cool2:) The picture is to large to directly show, so I use the link http://www.dennisbosman.nl/foto/reizen/canada/attracties7/080928%207107.jpg It is located at the BC Forest Discovery Centre Canada The running gear can be identified as being a M6 High Speed ad that is about all that remains of the original vehicle Michel
  7. This is not 100% correct I don't know about regulation in the UK, however in the Netherlands my Dodge WC52 has an exception at the car papers Besides the standard for braked and non-braked trailers there is an exception line My Dodge is also allowed to pull an 1172kg trailer, no brakes that has an road registration before 1967 Officialy it was for the 1-ton Ben Hur trailer, however any other trialer with in these spec's is also possible (an 57mm AT-gun is only 1150kg ) So you will need to check you vehicle papers to check if you are allowed to pull an 1.8ton trailer Michel
  8. He Jeroen, welcome to the club Soms moet je niet alles geloven wat hij zegt ........ maar in dit geval wel :trustme: Michel
  9. Hi Örjan welcome at the club Don't wory about your English, an lot of the visitors have problems with that ..... even the guy's who only speak English :rotfl: Michel
  10. Hi Marc nice collection you have er komen opeens wel veel Nederlanders bij (an lot of Dutch are joining)
  11. Hi Roy good to see that there are more Nederlanders joining
  12. Hi Rafal, welcome to the MV nuthouse collection I know an guy, from Poland with the name Rafal, interrested in MV's Only different forum, coincidence :??? Michel
  13. I finaly know what it is ...... :yay::yay: Thanks to a member of the Dutch Twenot (military vehicle modelling club) The correct description is: Semi-trailer, low bed, front loading, 20 ton for dolly, 4 wheel, tandem axle, dual tired M-1 manual : TM 5-9045 intended load: bulldozer's Towing vehicle: - 5t, 6x6, M-52 with 5th wheel - 6t, 6x6, prime mover (White 666 or Corbitt 666) Michel
  14. Janusz thanks for the link, nice toy Michel
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