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  1. Does anyone know which units would have used the Bedford QLC 6 Ton Artic please?
  2. I was at Ashchurch in the late 80s, any civvy cars returned from NI were either sent straight for scrap or went out to the ranges for use as target. I think the EOD Centre also got a few to practice on.
  3. Commanders at Ploce Docks, Croatia, 1995. Taking 43s up to Mount Igman for 19 Fd Regt,
  4. The K/C markings means Kit Check, plus date. The vehicle CES would have been checked when arriving or leaving the Vehicle Section.
  5. Many tanks Maurice, I plan to make a model of one of these at some point so every bit of information helps
  6. 64GJ53 on a day trip to Antwerp with a FV434, Norbert Westerberg co-driving. Seen here at the Dutch - Belgium border waiting for the Belgian Police escort to arrive.
  7. Hi All, The 430 were either going to, or coming from, 37 Rhine Base Workshop. They were running the rebuild programme at the time. The 434 was completely burnt out and was pain to move. The Cents were in transit back to the UK and were in the yard awaiting transport. The story behind the gun tank was that it had come from 32 AER in Munsterlager and was to go to the Tank Museum. It got back to Antwerp Docks when someone realised it was actually meant to go to the German Tank Museum - in Munsterlager! Wether this is true or not i've no idea.
  8. A selection of A Vehicles from Ord Depot Antwerp Det, Monchengladbach, during the early 90's.
  9. Terex 82-30B Heavy Crawler Tractor at play, Ord Depot Antwerp Detachment Monchengladbach 1989
  10. Taken at Antwerp Docks in (I think) 1992. The Antar belonged to Ord Depot Antwerp and must have been the last one in British Army use. It was off census and was parked in a Romney hut on the docks. Seen here unloading a dead Iraqi T55 from a Scammell Commander with a broken winch.
  11. Hi Maurice, Do you have it's army registration number please? Thanks
  12. Thanks folks - i did mean CT rather than CL!:blush:
  13. Thanks - I thought it could be a Martian, but wasn't the Martian classed as CL rather than GS? Thanks for the photo too, that looks like it belongs to a RHA unit.
  14. I've got a copy of the Vehicle Establishment for an RAOC Corps Ordnance Maint Park from 1958. One of the vehicles listed is a Tractor 10 ton GS Medium Artillery. Can anyone confirm if this is a AEC Militant MK1 M/HAA tractor please? At a guess I assumed once AA Command was disbanded these tractors were used to pull the Maint Park's laundry trailers. If anyone had a photo of one in RAOC service that would be great. Thanks
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