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  1. Evolution, I prefer the version we have, but what a beast.
  2. Looking the part, is that a reproduction body kit going on, really hoping to save what original bits I can, sorry for the slow reply Greek Internet isn't great.
  3. Some light reading just arrived
  4. Sounds good, just something I a. Considering for adding security.
  5. Anyone have a tracking device fitted to their jeeps does it benefit the insurance cost.
  6. Cheers, I've restored many things using white vinegar it does smell but does the job, good on relic helmets etc.
  7. After 24 hours, they will go back in for another 24 hours cleaning up nicely found a few impostors in there too.
  8. Yes bud you are right it is modern, if reqd i could use it again, mainly EC bolts and few unknown thrown in, that halftrack must be a great project, any links to it, no pun intended.
  9. Fingers crossed bud, various bits going in a white vinegar bath, loose particles come away almost immediately
  10. A couple more including the frame number, also the huge plate welded to the chassis where the fender box section was welded
  11. Don't know if I've had a good or bad day, turned out passenger fender was welded to the chassis along with a very thick plate, not sure how Jerry will tackle that one, plus side was drivers seat out not to bad really, fuel tank out that will go for repair, im sure the old girl has seen better days
  12. don't have one of those bud, but you can have the Harrison heater i have FOC.
  13. Yeah sounds like a plan, at least I will know its safe.
  14. True bud, not sure what to take off and leave on, ie starter, distributer, carbon, etc just send the lot up to you might be best minus the tub etc
  15. Maybe it's a good thing that we will be doing ours this end then, I have a pot of money put aside for the drive train and would prefer to have that done professionally, body work can be done and done again until its right, hopefully mine won't be nothing to bad for you.
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