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  1. I quite like headlight covers , it gives a kind of mean dirty look rather than shiny glass.
  2. Thanks Steve, would these be the same length as those used for the canopy.
  3. Guys where is the screen canvas stored when not in use
  4. That looks excellent Steve, if i get one i will need a well used one, trying to get the been there patina
  5. Yeah always my intention a new one would look so out of place, saying this I've just got a new screen canvas so need to weather it somewhat.
  6. No hood as yet, might not even bother with one tbh.
  7. Reckon there's a cold blast on the way, she's only 5mins up the road. Pretty much Decals and a top coat to do.
  8. Hi guys hope you're all well. Picked up a first aid kit with contents I'm guessing post war any thoughts
  9. I can assure you Jerrys work is top drawer, this rare jeep is in good hands
  10. Yes id only hire one too, heard good things about those, are they pretty light too.
  11. Cheers bud, trying to work out towing capacity with a A4, should be OK.
  12. Hi guys hoping to get a newer car car soon, hopefully something that can trailer the MB here and there i was thinking of a Audi A4, what do you pull your's with?
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