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  1. Amazing machine, like a huge bathtub on chassis, must be quite rare now .
  2. I had no idea, still getting my head around a MB.
  3. Likewise Chris, not sure what the long tubing down the passenger side but i will go for that.
  4. Now for some decent weather and space
  5. Looking good Jerry, should be a head turner once completed, my hat channels arrived today seem to be very well made.
  6. Hi Jerry, I think I only need two patches to the front floor so hopefully i can keep much of the original if possible. But there again I am totally new to this so god knows until I start the tub. I could however send you the tub to as well not sure if you enjoy the bodywork side of resto`s.
  7. ACM2 hat channels now in stock at JMP, ordered with wood £106 with free delivery, may not use the wood but I will have the option.
  8. A new database being put together on the G. https://sn.g503.com/
  9. Looks great Jerry, is this one of your own? Thought about pushing old girl out today with the 2 hours of sunshine we had, by the time all the covers are off etc i might have had an hour then covers back on etc, Jerry are you still allowed to receive customers work i really need to get that drive train up to you for evaluation/re build.
  10. I believe they were given as a anniversary to new Jeep owners, just a nice shelf filler
  11. Just picked up one of the Jeep gift sets for a tenner
  12. Must be additional Chris as prices are marked down, noticed ACM 1 hat channels back in stock waiting for ACM 2 now.
  13. Hi folks hope everyone is well, picked up a 12v Sparton horn from JMP worth mentioning they seem to have 3% off everything at the moment.
  14. Looks great bud, be sure to take lots of pics during hat channel removal and replacement as i have mine to do, under a car port mind no such warm shed here.
  15. Happy new year everyone, would love to have this old girl on the road this year. I need to remove one more bolt, speedo, oil pressure and safety brake cable, dimmer switch then tub off and then of course ring Jerry for a rebuild slot.
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