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  1. Amazing transformation when you look back at the older pictures, hopefully the engine and boxes are not too bad but expect the worst any better is a bonus, thanks Jerry
  2. Great work, it's good to see these old wardogs being put back on the road.
  3. Great work Jerry once again , soon be time to look at the lump.
  4. Starting to take shape now, great to see the bits going back on, the M38 wheels sold almost immediately.
  5. Looks great Jerry thank you, need the inner tubes sending up from sue/Helen.
  6. Had the chance to view the old girl today, really impressed with Jerry's work and knowledge, top guy looking forward to the rest of the restoration.
  7. Love that shade of drab, see you soon.
  8. The same Jeep just about to leave the US
  9. Looking great Jerry, just to note I have asked Jerry to leave the dents and bumps as I would like the battle field look, some will be repaired others left alone.
  10. Starting to look like a jeep now, thanks Jerry
  11. Guys managed to salvage the one bezel that the MB had, corocan brown plastic 100, is there any way to put the colour back into the lens? Being original I'd like to use it again
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