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  1. Visited a local 1940s show today at the Papplewick pumping Station, some lovely vehicles there both military and civilian along side some stalls and re enactment displays, anyone own any of these
  2. New data plate arrived, I want to keep the original safe
  3. Top bows all fitted, so both seats to clean up then the hood, lots of dents there, body work and paint, took it for a short run today to keep everything moving ran lovely.
  4. Had the old lady ticking over this afternoon after work, everything nearly dry fitted before bodywork and paint, top bow holes have been filled on one side so I'll need to sort that and not happy with the hood so some work to do there, took her down the road, wonderful feeling driving such a legendary vehicle.
  5. Thanks Jerry the hole is not visible it must have been covered during repair I'll try get the measurement.
  6. Hi folks axe bracket, one visible and one blocked does the blocked hole directly above look right? Thanks Steve
  7. Now its here is there a suitable additive,
  8. Hi Jerry I've managed to pick one up, a nice old battered one, hope all is well your end Steve
  9. Hi Jerry I managed to sort it out, I simply had not removed enough paint for it to ground, all working well now.
  10. Hi guys, anyone know where I can get fender blackout bulbs from please, 12v. Either the unit is faulty or i have a blackout light feed problem, I'll take the unit to work tomorrow and get it tested.
  11. Hi guys anyone know of any dealers selling the fender Black out lamp, I have the outer frame, I've checked most of the UK dealers.
  12. Should look great on back of the old girl, the can is knackered so it's for show only.
  13. Just bagged this for a tenner
  14. Thanks Jerry, spent a few hours after work today fitted canvas covers over the gear shifts, push button locks on the toolboxes, blackout light guard arrived I'll bang that on, slight smell of fuel when working around drivers foot well i assume this is normal.
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