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  1. Music to my ears, thanks Jerry
  2. For a late war Willys, for show only, so a knackered one is ideal.
  3. Looks amazing Jerry, enjoy the ride
  4. Ok ,bud I will give you a bell tomorrow, also great to see some of the original gauges and rotary light switch going back in, long term i will put the original fenders back on too. Glass for original speedo is on order.
  5. Cheers bud look very well made and decently priced.
  6. Great Jerry, she's inching closer, wings?? Did we get a deal done. Steve.
  7. Hi folks i will soon be needing a set of seat cushions for a late war MB, any suggestions? or any to avoid.
  8. Brilliant turn out some fine vehicles on display.
  9. She's getting there bud, thank you.
  10. Great idea with that test bed, certainly happy days to see another piece of history being saved.
  11. Really happy this evening to hear the old girl start up, even via the phone it was music to my ears, thanks Jerry, she's alive.
  12. Looks great buddy, nice to be able to keep the original, reckon I will get a knackered or empty regulator case to fill the big hole just for cosmetic purposes if anyone has one knocking around drop me a line, I guess we are getting closer to starting her up Jerry.
  13. Any of you guys used an electric spray gun, don't really want to be purchasing compressor etc and OD is a forgiving colour.
  14. Salvageable? Thanks for the update Jerry.
  15. Looking amazing a different beast to the one you started with, love the contrast between the OD on the frame and engine breaks it up nicely, nervous and exciting times ahead., ps got a fuel gauge on the way.
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