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  1. Out for a bit of mountain biking R&R on the common today and what do I see? A Jackal on its side...missing engine and gearbox: Jackal in 3D I couldn't help myself but stop and shoot a few hundred images and turn it into a 3D model. Looks like its used for casualty egress training or something like that?
  2. Finally I got a little spare time to start thinking and tinkering with the torpedo engine. The barrels will be going for some light soda blasting at some point, mainly to remove a little surface corrosion. One nagging thought; the bolts that hold the barrels onto the crank case are (like most things) somewhat unusual. Normally I would expect to see studs, but not here. What we have are pan head bolts with a tiny pip on the underside of the pan head. As far as I can tell the pip is intended to stop the screw rotating on assembly...the slot is a nightmare to get to when reassembl
  3. Another "Maybe needed one day..." document...this time an operators manual for a T-62.
  4. Like many I am having a tidy up...and finding many precious things. Many years ago I acquired a manual for the Continental R-975EC-2 radial tank engine. There remains a hope one day I will get my hands on an engine (preferably with the rest of the tank attached). In the meantime, I just enjoy the photos, illustrations and technical descriptions. However, if anyone has one of these bad boys for real and needs pages scanning please let me know.
  5. Oh yes, very much so - much appreciated.
  6. No problem - thanks for looking. I agree; a die nut would be best, for many reasons. This is just one reason - the opportunity for cockup being extremely high - I have put the project down. Time to think about how to solve it rather than rush... I think the idea of a spigot to follow the bore might be sound...I need to have a look at them. Square or hex drive would be required too. I will post up some more photos.
  7. That would be great - its 1 5/8" Whitworth fine 20tpi.
  8. I will have to check - as of now I am probably one of the few who a) work at home a lot so nothing much changes and b) engaged in something that is seen as important enough to keep going, for now at least and c) I'm looking ahead & planning for a time when I too have more time on my hands. But its a good point. Some of the threads need more TLC than others. The other factor is how these were originally made - the threads were cut prior to assembly/welding onto the barrel...so there is limited room and there is no way a standard die wrench will work...like everything else, the torpedo
  9. I have no idea how I missed that... Thank you very much for sharing the link. Tomorrow - if they are open - I will order one.
  10. NE Hampshire Maurice. Would be nice to see it return to something more in-context than just sat in my garage. Drop me a PM and lets see.
  11. I have been very much lurking for a while...drooling over the restorations of others etc whilst biding my time. Its steel and nickel plated to boot. Indeed it does. Time to revert to the shed for solo tinkering...in normal times that would be seen as self-indulgent. Now its called self-isolating.
  12. I have had this in the garage or home since I was a kid. Not sure if its military - no crows foot or other markings I can see - but it looks military enough. Rather than have it gathering dust, does anyone have a use for it? Bit heavy to post...personal collection (from the end of the drive at the moment!) welcome. No battery inside, but otherwise complete I think.
  13. Well its looking like some enforced leisure time is coming...so...its time to think about dusting off the torpedo motor restoration. I put things on hold for a while as life and work got in the way. Its quite reassuring to know I will have something to keep me busy if needed. One nagging issue has been kicking around for a while. Some of the inlet manifold threads are fine, some are less so. When undoing them some of the plating peeled off, and being nickel (I think its nickel) it galled up the threads badly, leaving some a bit rough you could say. Here's what they should l
  14. Well I suppose anyone with an L60 or K60 Multi Fuel (sic) engine might be on to something and more future proof than the rest of us? I'll get my coat...
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