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  1. Hi, I am looking at restoring some canvas in my Austin K6 truck cab. Where is the best place to get some canvas paint from in British colours. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Can anyone help with the transport of an Austin K6 GS Truck from Brixham, Devon to Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Many thanks.
  3. I have a few bits and bobs if interested. None you listed though.
  4. Hi, If I remember right a 432 Mk2 was a converted Mk1, a Mk2/1 was built as a mark 2.
  5. The pic i think is from the mid 70's, It's a Mk2/1 432 with what looks like larkspur radio's. I think it should be able to make that ditch. Done some stuff like that. Just don't bottom the middle out. :-)
  6. This stormer was a nice example (Had a quick look when I was up there) , a Command version. More room inside etc. The track is right for a Stormer.
  7. I was in the TA using Euromux, and called up for full service over about 3 years, total. Using Clansman, and the beginning of bowman. i have however used and fitted larkspur into Centurions.
  8. Hi Big Ray, Working for private people and Duxford IWM. Magnetos are funny things.
  9. Hello all, my name is Richard, I am an ex Signaller. worked mainly with Bedford's Mj's, DAf's, Land Rovers and 432's in service. Involved in Ex military vehicles for over 10 years. Working on all sorts of vehicles. Mainly British tracked. 432's, CVRT, Centurion, Chieftain and many others. I'm looking forward to being part of this forum.
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