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  1. Some detail of lot values. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-54220436
  2. The Inspection teams would be out within minutes of an All Clear being given. There would be the liklihood of AP mines, Bomblets and other nasties scattered around. Tracked or Wheeled the purpose would be the same and that would be to ascertain the damage done to the airfield to enable a plot of a minimum operating strip for the planes. In some cases there was also the possibility of the use of a helicopter but ground vehicle provision was always provided. As an example this is RAF North Luffenham from Google. The Airfield was used as a training centre for the inspect
  3. Found something similar eventually, but not a Saracen. A 432 that appears to be ex RAF or was an RE vehicle that worked on Airfields. The Cupola is of a similar type to the one I am looking for a photo of. Photo taken on the BONESS Railway near Edinburgh and due to be moved to Bovington. Registration seems to be 21 GB XR may be wrong.
  4. 930 WKSP REME of Longview Lane, Huyton, near Liverpool.A friend of mine is involved in the restoration of a single deck bus dating from about 1929.In a package of manuals about the vehicle, A Leyland Tiger.One of them, though referring to Leyland goods vehicles, was originally in the possession of 930 WKSP REME Longview Lane, Huyton, near Liverpool. I have asked for a photo of the document. Can anyone say any more please?Was there a military vehicle that used the same components as the Tiger?
  5. Before Furlough, I fitted many superseals to wiring looms at work for use on vehicles. For wires up to 1.5mm Supaseal could be a bit fiddly take care with the crimping, highly likely you will need a spare set. Not sure if the connector is suitable for soldering. We used a larger fitting for wire sizes above 1.5 mm to 6mm.
  6. Took mine in a Cat D6 plenty of all round visibility. Will the same standard be applied to those taking a Roller licence? J I think. As I recall that the manoevering was very similar.
  7. Spotted on a farm North of York today. No idea what or whether it lives here or not. I am assuming it is ex military somewhere.
  8. For some reason the auction of everything at Fort Paull has been redated from June to September 1st. https://gilbert-baitson.co.uk/diary/?event_id1=50008
  9. JUst put the bucket lip under the side of the skip where it lay on the grass and lifted. No damage other than bent wing mirrors.
  10. Used them on the Airfields in BAOR. Biggest problem with them was top speed of about 35 mph. I had the "Pleasure" of convoy lead of 35 vehicles including 10 Barfords (slowest vehicle) from Bruggen through Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Dover back to Perham Down Tidworth in 1981 or 82. Photo from an ADR pamphlet. Top photo 2 Barfords waiting to back in. Lower photo Barford tipping. All Greedy Board fitted. Fitting the boards took them over the Public Road limit so only fitted when on the Airfield. It also moved the Cof Gravity higher so more susceptible to roll
  11. Asking on behalf of somebody else. I am going to assume this is an Ambulance. Thanks Bryan I've been left this picture of what I think is a Chevrolet CMP C15A army truck. (I could be wrong!)The picture was taken in 1945/1946 near Naples.Can anyone say more? Can the cabside number tell us anything? The number is A 5932731.
  12. Just noticed you mentioned Loch Awe. It is in the list at 52.
  13. Sean These are the England maps I have. I also have some Scotland approx 1948- 50 1" maps, let me know if you need a list. That is if Surveyor hasn't bagged them first. Bryan UK ENGLAND SERIES M MOD 1 INCH - 1 MILE MAP NUMBER QTY TITLE GSGS 7TH SERIES 1972
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