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  1. Some major news on this loco in the next few weeks.
  2. Wasn't this type of engine also to be found in a Thornycroft LMD?
  3. If still looking, you might find something at Owen springs. http://www.owensprings.co.uk/
  4. I recall going on Salisbury Plain to a Dems range back in 1980. We were practising with various targets and some improvised charges as well. One of the targets was a Ford Capri that had been ordered to be destroyed by the RSM as it's owner ignored posted orders to clear the square. A mk7 didn't do it much good
  5. I have used a Broker here in York for the last 40 years plus. I have no idea if your requirements could be covered, but you don't know unless you ask. I was covered for my S3 SWB until I sold it last year as well as my day to day Freelander. Other than being a client of the Broker I have no other connection with them. Hope this helps. Bryan Illingworths Insurance Brokers Insurance Broker in York, North Yorkshire, YO1 7LA Address: Newgate House, 1 Newgate, York YO1 7LA Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 9 am Fri Phone: 01904 631622
  6. I have been looking for anything to do with ADR and I know there's at least 1 film from 1980 as I was in it at Bruggen.
  7. John would be interested in any documentation scans Chris can produce to see if different to what he has obtained, if different then can share with him the documentation he has.
  8. Thanks for the reply, will pass it on.
  9. Does anyone know of a source for models of RE Vehicles from the 70's - 80''s? As used in ADR Airfield Damage Repair. In particular Allis Chalmers or Volvo 4400 wheeled bucket loader. Aveling Barford Tipper and Aveling Barford Grader and Haulamatic tipper. Michigan 275 or Terex 7271 Bucket Loader. D6 Cat Dozer. Bedford MK and Bomb Mat trailer. Liebherr Vib Roller and Atlas or O+K excavator and a Lacre Road Sweeper. Saracen or Sultan Recce Vehicles. Thanks.
  10. A friend of mine has just bought an ex Military antenna mast, it is a "Racal MA 798/RA 477". It is designed to be erected via hand or pneumatically. His still has the pneumatic coupling so helping him to source the various fittings and safety valve to pump it up via a car compressor. It is the type of mast that can be tied to the ground or clamped on the back of a Land-Rover. Just out of interest, I have tried to source documentation/parts lists but nothing coming up on google, does anyone have any scanned documentation on this model please? What vehicles would be fitted with it? Only info I can find is the link below, which lists his 9m model but not much other info. RACAL RA477 (radiohistory.uk) Thanks.
  11. At RAF Leeming there was a monster road hump across one of the disused lengths of Peri track near the new control tower. All vehicles used to cross it by driving at an angle at a crawl. That is until we had a driver experienced in using a Saracen flat out. The driver somehow managed to forget to tell the Commander what he was going to do.
  12. The covers we used, zipped the top to the bottom. No tubes used. A 25mm ply board with a 25mm layer of expanded polystyrene on the upper face was laid down on the ground. Then the bag bottom was aid followed by another 25mm ply board with polystyrene on the lower face sandwiching the bag material. I seem to recall 2 manufacturers were used for the bags. cant recall the names though. Any repairs were done by REME techs from Villich workshops.
  13. Found a couple of photos. Michigan bucket loader at RAF Bruggen in 1982. Note as well, at rear right in first photo, a bagged Lacre Road sweeper, and the backend of an Aveling Barford tipper at rear left in 2nd photo.
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