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  1. just googled Corralex sheet. Suggested Correx instead. What should it be and where from?
  2. A friend of mine is stripping and repainting an old Handlamp.It looks to be ex military.Can anyone translate the lettering as to manufacturer?The lamp was covered in a roughly applied and badly chipped thick madder red paint . After five applications of paint stripper I finally got it down to smooth bare metal.The underneath of the base was an olive drab colour ,which I thought was rather unusual.It was only when I applied a light spray coat of primer that things turned interesting.‘C E & S 1955 JA2348 ‘ plus crows foot symbol appeared.So, this must have been of military origin. It seems o
  3. Blue Belle I may have asked before, if so apologies. Do you have any info on 169 Railway Workshop Squadron in use on the Egyptian State Railway and into Tripolitania. Possibly with a location of Qasfareet. Many thnks.
  4. I am fairly certain that we used 6kv generators in trailers towed by a Land Rover. This was for Airfield Damage repair and was used for powering 4 Kango drills on long extention leads at the same time. This was when we were bolting down the mat after filling the crater. There were 4 bins one in each corner inside the trailer to house the Kangos.
  5. Would Aveling Barford Tippers and Graders be an example?
  6. On the BBC Liverpool news page today. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-54830060
  7. Some of the Heritage railways also deal in the making of leather straps. Usually for the window drop straps on the passsenger doors. You would need to contact the C+W Carriage and Wagon Dept on whichever line you contact. On the NYMR at Pickering a David Cullingworth may be able to help. pm me if interested and I will pass a contact number.
  8. Does anybody produce models of 1970's - 80's Vehicles.? Thinking of your typical vehicles, Land Rover 2 - 3. Bedford MK Then RE Plant - Excavators, Wheeld loaders, Aveling Barford Tippers and a Grader.
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