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  1. New old stock Zenith C29 Carb for M2 Cletrac. Asking for 240, open to offers. Cheers, Josh
  2. Hi there, Is this trailer still at the base? Many thanks, Josh
  3. Hi Phil, Thanks for the photos, like the hinges certainly going to last a lot longer than the originals, and they still look in keeping. Have been looking at some hinges on LWD parts, but I think they are Cab 13 ones. https://www.lwdparts.com/product/door-hinge-l/ https://www.lwdparts.com/product/door-hinge-l-2/ Many thanks, Josh
  4. Hi Phil, Thanks for the links you posted, have been doing some research. Found sources for most of the catches and fittings. I should be OK for measurements because I have the passenger side door to copy. Many thanks, Josh
  5. Hi Monty2, Thanks for your response. Sounds like a very interesting item, but I’m afraid the door would need to be altered too much in order to get it to fit the cab 12 body.
  6. Looking for a Chevrolet CMP Cab 12 door, for the drivers side. Many thanks, Josh
  7. TB also says that they could have been fitted with a GLT Power Control Unit by Buckeye (winch), a WM Loader by Hough, or a WB Angledozer by Buckeye.
  8. Found a WM in the War Department Technical Bulletin: TB 5-9720-11 Technical data for tractors and other attachments 10th July 1944. The TB mentions that it was used for towing and general construction. I would imagine that if you did find a Allis WM that was definitely used by the US army during WW2 that it would have US stamped on the tractor serial number. As seen on ex army Caterpillars, and Cletracs. (It is quite possible that the OD Allis M is original as the hood number has the correct prefix (9) which is correct for a tractor, although it is possible that the owner
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