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  1. Welcome to the world of restoration. Buying parts can be very costly and they soon add up. I have to admit that the radio junction box is rather expensive. At some point I want to buy one but at the moment other things have a higher priority. A decent repro horn such as the MV Spares one that Dallas supplies is £110 Keep the posts going, they are always good to read and you get some useful feedback.
  2. What are NSN and FSN numbers? What do the letters stand for? If this number is post 1974 would they still be making small weapons adapters? Were the ww2 style gun racks still being used? Sorry loads of questions but you seem to be in the know! Thanks
  3. Thanks Chris. At last, someone else has one. The only difference on mine is that it has leather and not webbing as a pad so am still wondering whether it might be post war. I can also read the part number on mine. At least it sounds like they were used in WW2
  4. I am trying to identify an extra piece bolted on to the butt end of a gun rack I found on my jeep. I suspect it is so that the rack will hold something different to the standard M1, Thompson or Garrand rifle used during the war. Might it be French and added post war? The first picture shows this extra piece/bracket. The second shows where it bolts to the end of the gun rack - I have left a small gap as it normally sits tight up against the end of the rack. The right angled pivoted bracket has the webbing/padding covered over as it is currently masked off for paint spraying. Can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Hi, If you look at the second photo it bolts up tight against the end of the rack, I left a small gap so you could clearly see the bracket. The 1st photo shows the bracket in close up. The right angle bit that pivots is actually leather covered in leather (at the moment covered in masking tape) so I think it supports the gun/weapon. The bracket seems to extend the length of weapon it can hold? I think I am correct in saying that the standard jeep gun rack holds an M1, Thompson or Garrand?
  6. I'm restoring a gun rack for my jeep and there seems to be an extra bracket that bolts to the butt end of it. In the photos the webbing pads are still covered over with masking tape from the spray process. Does anyone recognise the bracket? thanks
  7. Best wishes, thinking of you and your family at this sad time.
  8. Hi Your tub number 219059 would suggest it was manufactured in march 1945. Is this roughly consistent with your chassis number?
  9. I personally would replace the complete old wiring loom. I can see in the photo that the fabric covered wires are looking frayed and brittle and where they might make a tight turn when in the tub they could crack and potentially short out. On my Dodge under the dash the insulation had fallen away leaving complete lengths of bare copper wire. While you have the easy access with the tub off put a new MV Spares loom in ( I think about £260). Good luck with the project and I will continue to follow this thread to see how you get on.
  10. Olaco were the wartime manufacturers of fuel tanks so seeing as it looks like it has some age I think you might have an original one. You can buy repro Olaco tanks but they tend to be a bit more expensive than plain un-stamped repro tanks. For me personally I would try and refurbish your tank, they can be re-lined/coated.
  11. Hi guys, I personally have had a poor experience with Speedway tyres so would recommend spending the extra, you get what you pay for. Lucky you are not booting up a GMC!
  12. Can you post more details about the tracking device. It sounds good. thanks
  13. There are 12 bolts that hold the tub to the chassis, 4 down each side rail and 4 across the back where the tub sits on the rear fender. This assumes that you have remove the front wing and grill etc. Good luck.
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