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  1. For sale a collection of famous WW2 wireless sets including R1155 and HRO. No longer required due to retirement from the hobby, prefer sell as a job lot but might split. Dry stored in Worcestershire. Sensible offers please.
  2. Fully restored about 18 years ago. Best of the few that came back from Portugal in the 90's. For sale due to retirement from the hobby. Easy to tow behind vehicle as only 3 tons. Dry stored. Sensible offers please. (Picture taken many years ago)
  3. Nearing end of full restoration (95% completed) over nearly 10 years must be sold due to retirement from hobby. Contains all the original electronics which has been thoroughly restored and mostly working. Had a crew of 4 and signals from the radar were fed to a predictor which would enable the ack-ack guns to follow the radar tracking. Would make a great show piece and tows well at 9.5 tons. Extremely rare item of this country's heritage. Have all the full workshop manuals. Lots of spare parts including 5 new tyres. Sensible offers please.
  4. For sale. 1944 Albion CX22S Heavy Artillery Tractor. Fully restored in 2007, won "Best in Show" at MVT Kemble. Last driven about a month ago. Fitted with 1944 Lister 230V 15kVA generator mounted in the rear. Comes with lots of spares if required such as engine, gearbox parts, axles, diesel tank 14.00 x 20 tyres etc. Brand new batteries fitted. Must go due to retirement from the hobby. Sensible offers please. Dry stored in Worcestershire.
  5. Must be sold soon. Offers around £5500
  6. A sack full of British and Canadian WW2 and later headlamp parts. Lucas and Butler backs bezels, reflectors and glasses. Useful as spares for patching up rusty/damaged ones. Lot for £25. Collect from Pershore, Worcestershire weekends only.
  7. RAF museum weren't interested, they do don't have space or facilities to restore. Trailer was an A.A. No3 Mk2 or GL3, I have a complete one from 1943 nearing restoration completion, mechanically and electronically.
  8. I was given a complete trailer mounted radar station by BAE (formerly Marconi) in Chelmsford. It consists of a 20x20 waveguide antenna, roof mounted, a 6' high 19" cabinet full of cards, a microwave transmitter unit, lots of power supplies, panels, cables, 2 computers (old 286?) with various software and years of hand-written notes on the development and test results. Was used up to the early 90's. Trailer was WW2 but now scrapped. I have to find a home for it all or the lot will end up going for scrap( at least 200kg aluminium !)
  9. 3 WW2 Canadian embossed petrol cans, one dated 1942, two dated 1943. £30 for the three. Collect from Pershore, Worcestershire weekends.
  10. Believed to be fitted in wireless trucks such as Bedford QLR for charging batteries from mains generators. Condition unknown Collect from Pershore, Worcestershire weekends, very heavy for size. Offers around £25
  11. For sale set of photo-copied manuals for Dingo. Offers around £40, collect from Pershore, Worcestershire.
  12. Also includes copy of Maintenance manual for FT15N, 1942
  13. For sale set of manuals; Original Spare Parts list W.D. HD23, Photo-copy Spares List W.D. FT15N, Photo-copy Driver's Handbook, W.D. FT15N Offers around £50, collect from Pershore, Worcestershire
  14. Set of 4 original books; 2x Special Pattern Vehicles, Ford, DND, 1941?. 1x Instruction Book, Chevrolet DND, Jan 1941, 1x Instruction Book, Ford, British WD, Aug 1940. Plus repro' booklet. Offers around £40, collect from Pershore, Worcestershire.
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