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Hi all!

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Hi, all!


Well, as I have posted at the American vehicles section, my name is Roberto Flores Yoldi, and I live at the small town of Pamplona (Iruña, in Basque language). This is at the north of Spain, relatively close to the French border.


I work as freelance cartoonist and illustrator. Perhaps some of you have seen my artwork at "The Windscreen" from the MVT or "Jeep World UK", an unfortunately now defuncted magazine. Also, I have published in several scale modelling magazines, and currently, I´m the cartoonist for French magazine "4x4 Story Spécial Jeep". Don´t doubt and visit my website at http://www.robertoflores.com where you will find too my on-line shop! (sorry for the pub!).


About vehicles: as previously mentioned, I´m restoring a CJ3A "Frankenjeep" (chassis from Spanish made CJ3B Viasa, I think), bodytub and engine from a CJ3A. All of this thanks to the help of my friend mr. Natxo Alberdi, from San Adrian, a small village of Navarra. He owns a very nice Willys jeep MB, probably from 1942. I found for him some years ago at Bordeaux, France, and he´s doing an astonishing restoration work at her! Check our blog:




Ah! And this past March, I got another Willys jeep, this time a Spanish made Willys-Viasa CJ3B model, with original hard-top, PTO, Bosch 12 V heater, Perkins diesel engine (2.300 model), power- steering and power-brake, being those latest 2 items "Bubba" work. The jeep was employed by an old Basque carpenter at an small mountain village and he decided to get some improvements. But better, check the pics. The couple one were taken the first day I met her!








And just more one of her posing proudly with a French "La Maltournée" Willys MB:




I hope to don´t get bored with all this stuff! :) And although late, I wish you all a Happy 2009, plenty of classic vehicles!



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Hi, all!


And of course, please accept my apologies for this fault of education! Yes, I must be sincere and admit that I read some weeks ago that incredible and warm welcome to the forum and I was totally astonished...and proud of it! I talk to my friends about this!!! :-) I was really proud!


But due to laboral problems (mainly caused by my new website) I can´t managed to answer you and express my sincere gratitude for all your words.


So first, accept please my aplogies.


About my jeeps, unfortunately last time I worked at my "Frankenjeep" was late may...a lot of time ago! Buf! And I miss the grease, the dirty and the smell of petrol. That sensation is really incredible!


And the Willys-Viasa CJ3B is also now at a local workshop, as I suffered a problem with the brakes! Those little tiny ol´machines...


And be sure, if I visit you at your local Clubhouse, I´ll paint that mural!


Cheers, and of course, keep´em rolling!

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And some more artwork just for enjoying!


RussianJeepcopia.jpg Soviet lend-lease ubiquous vehicle :cool2:


Cromwell.jpg An old artwork...Buf!


DessinRenardsShamshonCarrosserieSab.jpg A Willys CJ2A from Samson Foxes, during the Arab-Israeli war of 1948.


M26Pershing1copia.jpg M26 Patton at Korea. This was painted for a MV calendar that unfortunately failed to be printed! :argh:

ColorWebPhotobucket.jpg A Belgian Squadron jeep, also drawn for mr. Jan Willem de Boer.


GreyhoundsCombo.jpg Some of my scale kits. Well, I "was" a scale modeller. Some years ago...:confused:



Edited by Roberto Flores
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Please, accept my apologies for don´t reply this thread! I have been a little bit busy...with stuff like this!!! He he he! I hope you´ll enjoy too:














You can check the entire proccess here:




Let me explain something about this #willysjeep (or is it a #FordGPW!?) artwork. I usually paint some banners or "pancartas" for the local San Fermin party or "jaiak" (you know, the running of the bulls) at my hometown and each year, there´s some stuff that it isn´t necessary, as brushes, paint bottles, etc. So, I have decided to use these, and I have started a new series of "pancartas". The first one I painted was a British caferacer motorbike (another of my passions!) and now, I have done this one. These artwork are painted on beed sheet, so I have the chance to ship everywhere in a tube, what´s cheaper than rather painted on a canvas. And also, due to its size, I could managed to paint on big sizes. I.e., the jeep one have these dimenssions: 176 x 85 cms.


At first, these´re painted "just for fun", but if anyone is interested, don´t doubt and contact me, as they´re also for sale. And I accept commissions too!!! He he he!


Well, I hope to don´t get bother you with this and remember, keep´em rolling!

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