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  1. Hi fellows, Somedays ago, searching for some info at the web, I came across this forum and this link. I must admit that I was really shocked with this restoration! I´m not sure if the restorer is located at UK neither if the jeep has been finished: http://www.migweb.co.uk/forums/projects-restorations/513006-non-vaux-1942-willys-jeep-ww2-ground-up-build.html If anybody of you know more about this story, I´ll be really grateful to read more about this one! Thanks a lot!
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! Keep´em rolling!
  3. A gift for all of you...Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, plenty of scale restoration projects, health, love and peace!!! Keep´em rolling, fellows!
  4. Mnay thanks for your kindful comments, Tony! Keep´em rolling!
  5. Also, at Jeep Village, France: http://www.jeepvillage.com/index.php?pid=139&mmond=1&entry=156&crttri=0&crtcat=0&SelAt=0&schpid=0&iview=1
  6. Please, accept my apologies for don´t reply this thread! I have been a little bit busy...with stuff like this!!! He he he! I hope you´ll enjoy too: You can check the entire proccess here: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Roberto67/slideshow/Pancarta%20Jeep%20Willys%20MB%20-%201 Let me explain something about this #willysjeep (or is it a #FordGPW!?) artwork. I usually paint some banners or "pancartas" for the local San Fermin party or "jaiak" (you know, the running of the bulls) at my hometown and each year, there´s some stuff that it isn´t necessary, as brushes, paint bottles, etc. So, I have decided to use these, and I have started a new series of "pancartas". The first one I painted was a British caferacer motorbike (another of my passions!) and now, I have done this one. These artwork are painted on beed sheet, so I have the chance to ship everywhere in a tube, what´s cheaper than rather painted on a canvas. And also, due to its size, I could managed to paint on big sizes. I.e., the jeep one have these dimenssions: 176 x 85 cms. At first, these´re painted "just for fun", but if anyone is interested, don´t doubt and contact me, as they´re also for sale. And I accept commissions too!!! He he he! Well, I hope to don´t get bother you with this and remember, keep´em rolling!
  7. I just couldn´t attend the ceremonies at Normandy (another year!!! :mad: ) but I have manage to draw this little tribute. Keep´em rolling!
  8. I support that! Cool artwork!
  9. Thanks a lot for your encouragement, Tony! Some years ago I worked for "Jeep World Uk" and it would be a pleasure to work again for UK! Also, I published some drawings at "Windscreen", the magazine of the MVT. Now, I´m working for French bimontly magazine "4x4 Story Spécial Jeep": http://www.club4x4story.com/ Cheers, and sorry for the pub´!
  10. Hi fellows, I post here the latest artwork I have drawn for the "Clàssic Motor Club del Bages", thhe club which held the Guixaró classic military vehicle meeting. I hope you´ll enjoy it! And of course, you´ll be welcomed!
  11. Happy New Year to all the MVs enthusiasts and keep´em rolling!!!! Some Xtmas cards for you: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v82/Roberto67/Xtmas cars/?albumview=slideshow Cheers,
  12. Hi, Tony and fellows! Yes, you can ask for a commissioned order caricature! Just take a look at my new website: http://www.robertoflores.com/ And yes, it has a version in English! Cheers, and keep´on rolling!
  13. And some more artwork just for enjoying! Soviet lend-lease ubiquous vehicle :cool2: An old artwork...Buf! A Willys CJ2A from Samson Foxes, during the Arab-Israeli war of 1948. M26 Patton at Korea. This was painted for a MV calendar that unfortunately failed to be printed! :argh: A Belgian Squadron jeep, also drawn for mr. Jan Willem de Boer. Some of my scale kits. Well, I "was" a scale modeller. Some years ago...:confused: Cheers,
  14. Hi, all! And of course, please accept my apologies for this fault of education! Yes, I must be sincere and admit that I read some weeks ago that incredible and warm welcome to the forum and I was totally astonished...and proud of it! I talk to my friends about this!!! :-) I was really proud! But due to laboral problems (mainly caused by my new website) I can´t managed to answer you and express my sincere gratitude for all your words. So first, accept please my aplogies. About my jeeps, unfortunately last time I worked at my "Frankenjeep" was late may...a lot of time ago! Buf! And I miss the grease, the dirty and the smell of petrol. That sensation is really incredible! And the Willys-Viasa CJ3B is also now at a local workshop, as I suffered a problem with the brakes! Those little tiny ol´machines... And be sure, if I visit you at your local Clubhouse, I´ll paint that mural! Cheers, and of course, keep´em rolling!
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