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Feel sick now


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Had this from Ebay, unfortunately I don't speak German......


Guten Tag,


vielen Dank für Ihre Meldung, deren Eingang wir bestätigen. Bitte

antworten Sie nicht auf diese automatisch versendete E-Mail, da uns Ihre

Antwort nicht erreichen wird.


In Ihrer E-Mail weisen Sie uns darauf hin, dass möglicherweise ein

unzulässiger Artikel auf eBay angeboten wird.


Was werden wir jetzt tun?


Wir werden sämtliche, von Ihnen zur Verfügung gestellten Informationen,

schnellstmöglich prüfen. Die hierfür benötigte Zeit variiert je nach

Anzahl der bei uns eingehenden Meldungen. Im Regelfall reagieren wir

innerhalb weniger Stunden.


Bitte haben Sie Verständnis, dass wir Sie aus datenschutzrechtlichen

Gründen nicht über die Ergebnisse unserer Prüfungen und die daraus

folgenden Maßnahmen informieren. Angebote, die gegen geltendes Recht

oder gegen die eBay-AGB und eBay-Grundsätze verstoßen, werden entfernt.



für zukünftige Meldungen unzulässiger Angebote empfehlen wir, das

folgende Formular zu verwenden:




Wir bedanken uns für Ihre Unterstützung. Sie tragen so erheblich dazu

bei, dass faires und sicheres Handeln auf eBay möglich ist.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen




eBay - Der weltweite Online-Marktplatz!


Zum Impressum gelangen Sie über den folgenden Link:




Anybody care to translate?

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Via Babel fish

Good day, thank you for your message, whose entrance we confirm. Please do not answer on this automatically dispatched email, since your answer will not reach us. In your email you point out us that an inadmissible article is possibly offered on eBay. What will we now do? We will as fast as possible examine all information placed from you to the order. The time for this needed varies depending upon number of messages which are received with us. As a rule we react within a few hours. Please have understanding that we do not inform you for data protection-legal reasons about the results of our examinations and the measures following from it. Offers, which offend against valid right or against the eBay AGB and eBay principles, are removed. Hint: for future messages of inadmissible offers we recommend to use the following form: http://pages.ebay.de/help/contact_us...selection.html We thank you for your support. They contribute so substantially to the fact that fair and safe acting is possible on eBay. Yours sincerely EBay Sicherheitsteam eBay - the world-wide on-line market place! To the imprint you arrive over the following left:

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I think we have learned to be very sensitive about anything to do with the Holocaust and the plight of the Jews. BUT, I don't care about that as a side issue. I think it is disgusting - truly inexcusable to try and sell muck like this and eBay should be ashamed of themselves for allowing it. What next - repro manacles from Bristol slave ships? It beggars belief.



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Quite amazing. I find it odd that it is within Poland, probably the nation that suffered the worst under the Nazis that you find this sort of stuff and plenty of SS re-enactors too. The world is strange and nasty.


Tim (too)


Not forgetting Poland, Latvia amongst other European countries (occupied by the Germans) are best known in modern times for producing 90%+ of the faked German militaria in the world today (from Prussian through to Bundes)



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Colleagues; it does actually not surprise me to read such message from Poland. If you check out the offers from the same seller on Ebay, then you will find that they even sell original dog-tags. Unbroken dog-tags mean that still a family is waiting to learn about the fate of their father, brother, son.


Makes me not only sad but angry. And Ebay is not watching it - only if somebody would dare to present a historical photo with a Swastika, then they would interfer...



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Ok I've deleted certain posts as flaming groups & forum members are against the Forum rules (we have at leasts one member who is in an SS reenactment group) it's all been said before http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?t=5116


Please no more flaming of groups/individuals. Further similar comments will be deleted without notice.


Cheers Lee

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