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  1. Dear "Blue Belle" I is several years ago since I have posted in this forum. I am very surprised about the unpleasant and aggressive tone of your following post. You could have simply stated that you believe it is another place and brought your arguments... English is actually not my mother tingue but I have deliberately written "it appears to be..." I attach here a photo of the old hangar at Murzuk. It was not taken from the air and also not from acomparable angle as the one above. But what was pointing to Murzuk to me was the small building attached to the main hangar... I took
  2. Dear Keith - this appears to be the Italian hangar at the airfield of Murzuk. It was raided by the LRDG in early 1941...and still looks the same (at least it did about ten years ago when I was there last)
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]118462[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]118463[/ATTACH] I think I have seen this "pyramid" several times. It was located along the coastal road between Tripoli and Khoms (Homs). Not a pyramid actually but an old Italian fortification dating back to the time of the conquest of Libya after WWI - I had always wanted to take photos of it... and have always postponed it until I could not do it anymore. Shame on me.
  4. Recalling an old photograph of the entrance of Hun (Jofra Oasis-group) which I do not have at hand at the moment - I suggest these photos were taken down there.
  5. Chris: Thank you very much! It seems to have been one of these vehicles which were actually a good idea but never had the fortune they would have needed to become a success...
  6. A Lockheed Super Constellation turned a full circle just outside my window (ok... in some distance :-D)
  7. ...it seems that I have to try to contact the owner (in the hope that he actually knows, what vehicle he has )
  8. You mean the Porsche 597 Jagdwagen? No, also not.
  9. Seems to be a wrong link. The two vehicles have actually nothing in common, not even the number of bolts in the wheels...
  10. ...I did not expect that the identification of this vehicle is that difficult. Unfortunately I have also found nothing about it in the web until present.
  11. I was looking at the LUAZ 967 - but no, not such LUAZ. I have no clue...
  12. No, it is definitely not a Haflinger - this I am sure about
  13. It was actually an event dealing with the 100 years anniversary of Oskar Bider crossing the alps in a Bleriot XI monoplane when I stumbled across this rather strange vehicle. Unfortunately I missed to look out for the owner and ask him what it is. My guess is that it was one of the fruitless events to build an "Europa Jeep" and I think that it might be based on a Volkswagen "Transporter". But I am really not sure about this and hoping now that one of the other members of this forum may know about it...
  14. I went through all the pages of this thread. Great! A vehicle with style & character. Thanks for all your postings :-)
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