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  1. I've driven my UAZ 69B for thaousand of kilometres up and down Italy and never had any problem. Enjoy your ride! Andrea
  2. Well... if deacs were outlawed only outlaws will have deacs. Just a question. Cost of technical check and of handling/restitution of the weapon are borne by the plods or by the owner?
  3. Yes, and while CBs can communicate worldwide with very simple technology, Internet connections can be firewalled monitored or simply switched off.... Andrea
  4. Mike, I was simply saying that a paper certificate is simply an unneccessary complication, once there is a database of deacs available to the Police. One could tamper with a deac even with a certificate well kept together with it..... A sensible procedure would be, in case of a control, that the Police check if the weapon was legally deac, then, if doubts arise about it having been "reac" then have it inspected. Andrea
  5. The proof houses keeping a record of all deacs with make, model and serial so that just a check on the database is needed.... too easy? You need the Sacred Piece Of Paper.... Bah.... bureaucracy..... Andrea
  6. Is the fear of a revolution the reason for the 1920 law that started the abolition of firearms in UK? Andrea
  7. If you are going to Croatia then back, just say that you are travelling to Italy or Austria. At the Italian or Austrian border no one will question about your truck. Andrea
  8. Sorry kids, due to the general recession and cuts in the defense budget, in collaboration with Mercedes Benz, this is the only new tracked vehicle available.... Andrea
  9. Me too, however this confirms that we are obsessed with old stuff... she'll be 40 in August........ older than my wife.... 8-) Andrea
  10. Just to make you Brits envyous.... Here in Italy SLRs are classed "Hunting Weapons" and can be had to Sporting Firearms Certificate holders. They cost around 600-750 Euro..... There are many short barrelled SLRs on the Itlian market but they had been "bubba-ed" by the importer... Andrea
  11. ISTR that the color coded spark plugs leads have been always the norm with the Ford model T, only in that case they were low tension leads from the distributor to the four buzzing coils... Andrea
  12. The "Adrian" helmet was adopted by several armies. During the IWW it was the standard Italian helmet, too.
  13. As per subject, I would like to know if anyone is coming to Italy for their vacation and could so a transport of a small couple of Items sold by Clive that cannot be sent via mail or courier... TIA Andrea (living in Tuscany....)
  14. I wish I was the GI at 2:21. "Yes, you can surrender. I'll have the pleasure of taking the Schwimmwagen.... Danke". Andrea
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