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  1. Hi all, never uploaded all the pictures of the restoration. Got a question if I would so here we go. Hereby the rest of the pictures, as you can see we had a headgasket failure but eventually all worked out. Hope you like the pictures. Some minor work I want to do in the future is to paint the vehicle in CAMO (Black and Green) and adjust carb / rev limiter settings.
  2. We make reproduction of the rear armor to have an idea of what we do, check out this link of a Halftrack M5A1 restoration we did for a client. http://www.baiv.nl/contact/halftrack-m5-2-2/
  3. We made some repoductions for our Comet restoration, thought we have a spare, contact me at ivojr.rigter@baiv.nl
  4. After a very impressive viewing day we wish you good luck with bidding tomorrow! Our internet auction start tommorow 20 Septembere 2016 to close from 14:00 hrs. C.E.T. onwards. https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/military-vehicles/01-22698/ Check also our facebook page with pictures made during the viewing day 17 September 2016: https://www.facebook.com/BAIV-BV-103397456456403/ Nice movie of the viewing day on Saturday 17 September 2016:
  5. 1944 Military Comet Tank https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1944-comet-military-tank/03-22698-28126-3783725/ 1945 GMC CCKW 353 Cargo Open Cab https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1945-6x6-2-12-ton-open-cab-military-truck/03-22698-28127-3784087/ FV434 Tracked Armoured Military Recovery Vehicle https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/tracked-armoured-military-recovery-tank/03-22698-28112-3783729/ Norton 16H Civil model https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/norton-16h-civil-model/03-22698-28128-3821134/ SKUA, British SBS SAS motorised canoe with all accessories https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/skua,-british-sbssas-motorised-canoe-with-all-accessories/03-22698-28115-3820838/ Studebaker Weasel M29C https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/studebaker-weasel-m29c/03-22698-28432-3887708/ Ward Lafrance M1A1 6x6 10 ton Heavy Wrecker https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/6x6-10-ton-heavy-wrecker-military-truck-1943-frame-no-546150/03-22698-28127-3784090/ Also available at BAIV’s Autumn Auction are Trailers (Jeep, Ben Hur, M7, M10, etc), Gun mounts and cradles and Ammo bins. Besides that there are lots in the Auction with Tools and with Spare Parts for: o Ford M8/M20 Armored Car o Halftrack o GMC o Dodge o M26 Pacific Heavy tank transporter o FV 430 series o Ward Lafrance and Diamond wreckers o M48 Paton tank o Humber Armoured Car o CVRT o Jeep o CVRT o GMC DUKW o Diamond Check the site of BAIV’s Autumn Auction: https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/military-vehicles/01-22698/ or come on September 17th, 2016 and see all items for yourself at BAIV, Rondven 25, Maarheeze, the Netherlands. We look forward to welcome you at BAIV on Saturday September 17, 2016. Kind regards, Ivo Rigter sr. and Ivo Rigter jr.
  6. https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1942-6x6-2-12-ton-military-truck/03-22698-28127-3836989/ 1943-6x6-GMC-Motorized-Shop-2.5 ton-(toolset) https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/6x6-2-12-ton-military-toolset-truck-(more-information-pictures-will-follow)/03-22698-28127-3784091/ 1943 Chevrolet C8A HUP (Heavy Utility Personnel) 4x4 https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1943-4x4-38-ton-military-truck/03-22698-28127-3784095/ 1943 GE Search Light Set 60 https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/search-light-set-60/03-22698-28471-3784092/ 1943 International Halftrack M5 with winch https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1943-military-halftrack-international/03-22698-28132-3818481/ 1943 Marmon Harrington Armoured Recon Car MKIVF https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1943-4x4-military-armoured-reconnaissance-car-mk-iv/03-22698-28131-3783731/ 1943 Military Tracked 25pdr SP Sexton MKII https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1943-military-tracked-25pdr-sp-sexton-mkii-tank/03-22698-28126-3783723/ 1943 motorcycle https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1943-motorcycle/03-22698-28128-3820837/ 1943 T16 Ford Universal Carrier https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/t16-universal-carrier/03-22698-28432-3887706/ 1943-1944 Military Centaur Dozer Tank https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/19431944-military-dozer-tank/03-22698-28126-3783724/ 1944 10kva generator set https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1944-10-kva-generator-set/03-22698-28425-3783730/ 1944 Brockway B666 6x6 Bridge Erector Truck https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/6x6-6-ton-military-bridging-truck/03-22698-28127-3783727/ 1944 Dodge WC54 https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1944-4x4-34-ton-military-truck/03-22698-28127-3784096/ 1944 German U-Boat electric motor https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1944-german-u-boat-electric-motor--generator/03-22698-28430-3783733/ 1944 GMC CCKW 353 Casoline Tanker https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1944-6x6-2-12-ton-military-tank-truck/03-22698-28127-3783732/ 1944 Maxson Turret https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/1944-turret-m45-browning-50-cal/03-22698-28424-3783728/
  7. Thx for the remark, we have uploaded pictures of the Comet up for auction on the website so hopefully this makes it more clear. https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/nl/1944-comet-military-tank/03-22698-28126-3783725/ Brochure https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/nl/1944-comet-military-tank/03-22698-28126-3783725/download/brochure/YwFzYWxlRmlsZQJmaWQBOTg3NzQCb3BlbgEw/
  8. Note that the Comet up for auction, is not the same as the one we brought to the WPR. THe one we brought to the WPR is already sold and will go to America. Kind regards
  9. Online auction of military historical vehicles, tanks and parts such as a A34 Comet, “Sexton” 1943, “Centaur Dozer” 1943, FV 434 recovery tank , halftrack M5, “Dodge”, “GMC”, “Brockway”, “Ward Lafrance” trucks and wreckers, “Marington Harrington” armoured car, “U-Boot “motor XXI Serie, motorcycles, etc. Maarheeze. https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/nl/military-vehicles/01-22698/?s=baiv
  10. We made new fuel shut off block for our Halftrack and even improved the old design. It has a Viton o-ring so no fuel leaks and a better / stronger stainless steel turn knob. We have a small extra quantity that are also for sale for EURO 168,- each. If you require one please let us known at info@baiv.nl
  11. Believe Adrian is correct did you have any more picture from this? The yard is not ours but we are restoring 2 Comets tanks, were off 1 came from this location the T335252.
  12. Hi we are currently restoring a Comet tank. This Comet is built by Leyland under contract M9707 in March 1945 and given the makers number B2-563 W.D.N T335252. The Comet has been used by British Forces during the WW-II and after the war with the post war registration 14-ZR-34. It remained in service till the early sixties. At 13 October 1964 it was transfered from the Royal Armoured Corps to the Royal Army Medical Corps, were it probably was used as a Gate Guard. After this the Comet was stationed outside the Sennelager Barracks close to Paderborn in Germany. In 1994 it was recovered and partly restored and now it is back again in restoration to complete and perseve this lovely tank. Interesting to note that according to the makers plate it is a Mk 1 model A version, but it has the older style turret with the improved comander cupola ring (stronger), which I believe is a model B feature or am I incorrect and is also A related? There could also be the possiblity that the turret was replaced during it's service due to damage on the original turret? Would anyone have more information on this Comet? Would be lovely to find at which regiment it served or that there are any pictures from even, could be a change that there are some post-war pictures (14 ZR 34) or when it was a Gate Guard. http://www.baiv.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Comet-T335252-history-2.jpg http://www.baiv.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Comet-Celerity-1951.jpg We have more picture of the restoration on our facebook page or website http://www.baiv.nl/comet-2/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/BAIV-BV/103397456456403 Kind regards Ivo
  13. more progress, worked on the engine. Also choose for red
  14. Just like the red color, no belgium links but on the other hand i'm quite close to the belgium border and also have some belgium friends
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