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  1. the thread does read like a nightmare it has to be said i can see a lot of points getting raised that are very valid indeed i have only been twice last year and around 8 years ago and though it was a world beating spectacle i cant realy add to a lot of what has been said having never camped but you would have to work extremly hard to build up a worthy rival to the war and peace somthing middle of the country would be nice but where and who can pull it off
  2. the izuzu 3.0 is the bad engine the 3.1 is solid
  3. forget the disco and go for a toyota landcruiser it will mop the floor with anything else
  4. my brother has a farm at rock near bewdly he has gone out of dary farming a year or two back he now may have hard standings and farm building space i can ask him you want
  5. my kids fleeced me of my w.p fund so they can go to italy with the school next year 250 quid deposit so i have been changing the engine my jeep i like beltring but its stinky dear for a day out :-(
  6. whats the cab on the far right almost looks like a corbet/white
  7. v8 bubba


    this is only the input of a nobody but some trucks almost look to mint marked up in unit markings circa whenever and you cant help but think it should look almost beat to heck and back and brush painted somthing that i am not sure how to veiw is trucks that are renewed i know there is limits to what can be salveged but some seem replicas the one that springs to mind is the t28 halftrack jeep it is a fantastic thing to see but its almost new as there was next nothing left of it pink panther landys there must be more of them about than got made to start with but i think a
  8. indeed but are there any members near me who meet up monthly
  9. may i ask does anyone know if there is an active club or group in my area birmingham ish i live by junction two of the m5 and realy would like to get envolved more and meet a few folk i dont own a pukka military vehicle but i do know what end of a spanner to hold and i can drink lots of tea and chew the fat with anybody
  10. v8 bubba

    white star

    no not the titanic the white star used on american vehicles what year or era did US forces stop using the star i have seen it on vietnam and korea era vehicles but when was it last used :???
  11. v8 bubba


    wow you are a testy lot
  12. utter crap re the paper report the good lady and our two youngest carpet munchers 3 and 5 as well as myself were just about as close to the dingo where the unfortunate incedrent hapened as the public were alowed we saw what hapened and i would simply like to say i wish the chap a speedy recovery and would like to thank all envolved for a very good and friendly event i was a bit shy so sorry for not saying hi as i just dont know you all
  13. i got done this time last year 4.30am 44 in a 60 zone.....i was in a hgv just by the belffrey golf cource i too had never been done before i know i was over the hgv limit but still felt a bit cheated it was a sat morning and i was the only thing on the road:(
  14. most towns have a comercial spring company for refurbing truck springs they will also do pickup and smaller springs
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