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  1. You've still got three points of location on that pump so if it were me I'd just ride it rather than attempting to weld or braze a bit on that foot....its age related and honest John... One of my old radial drills (the big Asquith one) has a cracked mount on the forward/reverse transfer box... It's clearly been like that for years...and I've no intention of introducing unnecessary stresses into it by attempting to close it up...its happy & settled as it is...
  2. I've a load of old machine tools in storage... They're all older flat belt driven types...designed to run off steam via overhead lineshafts...
  3. That Myford lathe's done some graft for you Steve...
  4. Nearside chassis cracking is probably due to the bad edges of roads at that time.... The sides of roads being potholed & rough... (a bit like nowadays actually)
  5. And here's a bit on coopering as well:
  6. There's another one here:
  7. Lathe & drill running off a lineshaft... Grinder on electricity... DC I would assume...
  8. In regards to the electrolysis bath mentioned above... Use this process in a well ventilated area...as it gives off hydrogen gas whilst in use...
  9. Drill it out and have someone with an argon set come round and run a fillet of weld in there...
  10. I'd weld that bracket Steve as if it drops off that vintage horn will be under the wheels...
  11. Brexit would be fine.....if Bunches of remoaning traitors to this country didn't constantly...just continuously attempt to interfere with it... Oh... And nice to see the Halley is progressing... P. S. I've just acquired an early turret lathe by Alfred Herbert....WW1 era....or just after... For flat belt running from a lineshaft...
  12. Also to note is the siteing of surface Grinders in proximity to lathes, milling machines etc...
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