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  1. Dear "Blue Belle" I is several years ago since I have posted in this forum. I am very surprised about the unpleasant and aggressive tone of your following post. You could have simply stated that you believe it is another place and brought your arguments... English is actually not my mother tingue but I have deliberately written "it appears to be..." I attach here a photo of the old hangar at Murzuk. It was not taken from the air and also not from acomparable angle as the one above. But what was pointing to Murzuk to me was the small building attached to the main hangar... I took my phot in 2007. Now as said above "it appears"... the Italians had the very practical and economical habit to standartise their buildings. Most typical to be seen amongst the farmhouses... and (but I have no photographic proof for that) possibly also for buildings at airports. Looking at Google Earth now I can revise my statement and confirm that the old photo shows the hangar at Sebha, the other small buildings on the photo are still there and such buildings are missing at Murzuk. --- Other point: Are you sure the "Tummo waterhole" is marked in the Tibesti mountains on your fathers map? The one well of this name I am aware of is located about 250 kms north-west from the westermost point of the Tibesti. There would also be the Italian landing ground "Campo Uno" at the same place.
  2. Dear Keith - this appears to be the Italian hangar at the airfield of Murzuk. It was raided by the LRDG in early 1941...and still looks the same (at least it did about ten years ago when I was there last)
  3. [ATTACH=CONFIG]118462[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]118463[/ATTACH] I think I have seen this "pyramid" several times. It was located along the coastal road between Tripoli and Khoms (Homs). Not a pyramid actually but an old Italian fortification dating back to the time of the conquest of Libya after WWI - I had always wanted to take photos of it... and have always postponed it until I could not do it anymore. Shame on me.
  4. Recalling an old photograph of the entrance of Hun (Jofra Oasis-group) which I do not have at hand at the moment - I suggest these photos were taken down there.
  5. Many thanks for this additional information :-)
  6. Thank you very much for your quick assistance :-) I would go then for a CROSSLEY IGL 2 - is that correct? @ Ian - unfortunately I shall not distribute the photos now (except above snippets for identification) since they are foreseen to be used in a new book.
  7. ...after a longer time of absence here (I was rather busy with vintage aircraft and civilian types of cars) I come back with some ID requests. A friend has asked me to help him with a book-project. ID of photos is a topic but I am better in landscapes of Egypt and mainly Libya than in types of vehicles. I post some snippets of the photos here - and hope that somebody may be able to tell us what type of vehicles they are. Many thanks for your assistance in advance :-)
  8. Kuno

    Happy 2010!

    Already years have passed since the first post. I am no longer living in Libya but still try to remain "connected to the desert".
  9. The Italian occupation of Somalia was brought to an end in 1940 if I do not recall entirely wrong. Or in other words: The Italians have lost Somalia again before the T34 even entered service with the Red Army.
  10. Kuno


    I wish a happy 2014 to all members of this forum and their beloved ones.
  11. A very impressive achievement. Congratulations!
  12. Tom - did you find this Minerva in the Czech Republic or was it imported from Belgium?
  13. Oh, no. That is a very sad news. My deepest regrets to his wife.
  14. To me the moral winner is the old Ford. Definitely. Though a completely defenseless vehicle, they had cowardly stripped its wheels so that it could not escape anymore and had nothing left than to be smashed by the "tank". But even then, the Galaxy resisted very long ...and in fact the driver of the "tank" should have closed the hatch so that he could have left the arena without the spectators recognizing him.
  15. Jack; I browsed McGuirks book for MG-mounts. Nothing. There is only one clearly visible where the MG was fixed on the back of the (wooden) loading bay. But most of the LCP vehicles did not even have an MG fixed...
  16. I did not think about the winch-cable :blush:
  17. Colleagues; from time to time I come across an old vehicle and wonder what it actually is. Not all of them are actually MV but I hope that there is still somebody here in the forum who could help me to identify it. Last week I had spent in Moroco and found the truck shown in the photo below. The roof rack is impressive :-D. Ok, it is obviously a Dodge truck. I thought it is a M37 but then found that the loading bay is very much different of what the M37 actually had. Would anybody have an idea of what type it is?
  18. Jaaaaack - the new photos are OVERDUE
  19. It may be that the roof could be lifted up to create sufficient headroom. I have seen such already for big "mobile homes" (to lower the height of the vehicle and safe cost when entering a ferry-boat).
  20. ...I think I have seen your vehicle... but you were not around
  21. Friday was probably not the best day to visit the event. Not all the vehicles were yet there... but on the other hand there are less people who prevent me to take "vegetarian photographs" :-D
  22. Indeed - looking better an better. My favorite box art displays a quite similar vehicle:
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