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east grinstead 11th april

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i have been informed there will be a one day event on the 11th april at martells department store in east grinsted

refreshments supplied :coffee:and hard standing for vehicles:yay:

hopefully mark is hoping to get 30+ vehicles for this event

if intersted contact mark on 07967913594

lets make this a good starting one

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To answer Andy's and any one else's questions. Yes it is easter saturday that the event is being held, Martells decided on the date and not me, their is no particular reason it is being held at a department store, it just that in september 08 they held a transport show and had 40 vehicles turn up with 4 military and they offered us the same provisions as the other show had but for solely military so i thought i would give it a go I also forgot to get David to mention everyone need to be their by 9am.


Hope this helps.

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Weren't you planning an Event about the same time Andy?



Hi Lee, yup, I was..........unfortunatly the site owners thought it too near their steam rally date, (worried we might rip up the ground, if we'd had a wet winter) so didn't want it then..........:-(


Now looking to hold it around Sept time, although it seems like the goal posts have been moved, somewhat, ...........(have been to see another site, that COULD be a good host for an easter event,.........will know more by end of this month. :))


All the best,mate.



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Just an update reference The Event at Martell's In East Grinstead the entries are now closed so sorry if anyone wanted to attend we have about 25 vehicle booked in as well as the Uk Tank club and an Abbott. refreshments will still be provided.

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