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  1. Strange that the Canadians didn’t like the Harley wla so they came up with the wlc with the hand clutch. I wonder what they made of the Indian controls and if they ever modified them great pictures Lex steve
  2. Please keep them coming Lex, I have been trying to find any info/ photos of Indians in Northern Europe and these are the first for me steve
  3. I noticed in lexs photos the fifth one down looks like it was taken in Northern Europe, maybe Germany or Austria, this is the first time I have seen an Indian in this theatre. Is there any more info on this photo thanks steve
  4. Great picture Lex, I haven’t seen any of these photos except the last one, which shows New Zealander’s in italy thanks Steve
  5. Are you looking for a total basket case or something running, where are you? I have a 44 mb that I could be tempted to let go steve
  6. Thanks for the info guys, that’s just what I needed, now I’ve just got to find a pump.......... steve
  7. Thanks for the picture Ron i can’t find any info on who it was made by, if it was brass or the length regards Steve
  8. Hi, does anyone have any details on the tyre pump fitted to this bike thanks Steve
  9. Hi I'm am looking for a wc12 or similar, must be in good condition and running thanks steve
  10. Okay, I think I have two, will get some pictures tmrw steve
  11. Hi, I have a front end, if you need some photos let me know, I can email them. i am in northampton regards steve
  12. Hi, I have never used hardener, just sprayed as is, just wiped it down with wd40 or similar and it gives a nice patina regards steve
  13. Hi, does anyone have an original tyre pump,valve and clips or a skid plate? For a 741b thanks steve
  14. Nice looking bike, mine is still under repair, is yours a runner? regards steve
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