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  1. You could try Craddocks, I ordered one from them for my series 3 109 FFR, you will have to supply them with a vin number etc and they will then get back to you with the options, as they told me they had two colours for mine (both olive drab and khaki) the olive drab was the colour I needed, (the tilt was made by ex moor trim) so you could also try them, when I looked on both Exmoor trims and Craddocks there was not much price difference mine was about £400 odd new. You might find that they will quote you for a blue one it will possibly be darker but will fade over time. Sent from my iP
  2. I started working as an IT trainer on a YTS training scheme, I then went onto working for WH Smith news Warehouse work then into retail for 8 years until made redundant and since 2010 I have working for a removal company/department store (Martells) based in West Sussex, mostly removals now doing warehouse and yard work also the occasional removal as an extra driver (7.5ton driver) or porter. It saves going to the gym as I've list a bit of weight since doing this job Sent from my MT15i
  3. Hi All Does anyone know the owner of a mark 1 Ferret Reg No. GVS 612. The reason I ask is that Mark Taylor (West Sussex Area secretary) has received an email from a gentleman who runs an Aircraft Musuem in Charlwood, Surrey (which I think is Sutton Valance) and he has got a film of a Ferret jumping a Shackleton and would like to send the owner a copy. Please see beloe for a picture and also a copy of the email. (Hello Mark,I wonder if you you can help with this. Quite a number of years ago I was at the airplane museum near Charlwood when the owner hoped to start up the Shackleton. He
  4. Thanks to all who posted should of mentioned I need a 24v one, I have found one and is being delivered shortly so hopefully the land rover will he back on.the road soon Sent from my MT15i
  5. Thanks Martin, I will give them a call to see if they have anything. Sent from my MT15i
  6. Hi all, I need some help I've just received a call to say the engine on my landrover has a seriously cracked head and block, so I am after a secondhand one if anyones got on for sale as I have been quoted between £1300-£1500 for a second hand one (fitted) it must be a 2.25cc petrol engine. As this is what's in there at the moment. I live in Sussex and if it could be delivered ( willing to pay fuel money) to the garage it's at then that would be preferred. Sent from my MT15i
  7. Hi Mark Welcome to the forum from another West Sussex area member, if your an mvt member please fill free to come to our area meeting, please fill free to pm me if you want any info. Sent from my MT15i
  8. Hi All, Sorry for the short notice, but I was wondering if any of you were interested in attending an event (opening) on the 3rd and 4th March 2012 at the Wings Musuem, Balcombe, West Sussex www.wingsmuseum.co.uk, as they are reopening for the start of the season that weekend and wondered if anyone woudl like to go, if so please could you email me mark62collins@gmail.com and let me know if you can go, (as I am not always on here as much as I would like and with email at least I can pick it up on the phone) and which day and what vehicle, so that I can let the musuem know. Please also note
  9. Shane Thought you know about it as I have the pennant on the landy. See you tomorrow. Mark Sent from my MT15i using Tapatalk
  10. HI Shane, You've finally made it on here then, Neil's on here as well (vpk109) so that's the 3 Muskateers on here then (Neil, you and myself). Good to have you aboard all you need to do now is to get a picture of all of our vehicles (including the Dave's Shorland) and then that would be a good photo. For those who don't know Neil, Shane and myself usually travel round together in our vehicles (with Neil as escort) Mark
  11. Thanks Dave for the report, had several reports back from some of the military guys that they enjoyed it, I'm still recovering from it as I have ended up with a head cold, hopefully see you at another show soon. Mark
  12. I'm the Same as Topdog, I have the HMVF pennent fling from one of my aerials, the sound of a keetle normally helps as well.
  13. I will be there both days but not stopping over night. See you there.
  14. Hi all I have just been to the Wings museum at Balcombe, West Sussex http://www.wingsmuseum.co.uk/ as they are looking at putting on a military event next year (dates still to be decided, possibly September next year) and just wanted to get an idea on the amount of people interested, please note this is all dependent on the farmer saying yes and also the size of area we would like as we dont want to have to us the whole field un less we have to. Also this is with in easy access of the A23 at Handcross and also expenditure is the big issue, if we have people who are would be happy to h
  15. Steve That's good news least you know it wasn't just you having a problem so it has got to be a fault in the exchange. Thanks for the update. Mark Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
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