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US army supply depots

pop larkin

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Does anybody have any images of US army supply depots.


I want to make up a depot display for next year rather than having the Chevy just "Parked up" at shows. I don't want to go down the "Red Ball" route with jerry cans and oil drums, but more general supplies (K rations, ammo etc).


There must be photographs of the kind you're requesting around somewhere. Have you seen the cartons and wooden crates containing rations in abn deuce's post No.5 on the "Field Kitchen" thread in "Other Chatter" ?

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Sorry I thought I had put the text to it but can see now that I had not so here's the caption from the Life magazine site

"French locals helping American soldiers run an ammunition dump after the successful invasion of Normandy. Location: Normandy, France Date taken: August 1944 Photographer: Frank Scherschel"

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Pop - great question and thanks to ABN who always comes up with the goods!


Here's a plan that I would like to share with you. If the HMVF event comes off and is a great success then I would like to look at setting up a (biggest scale as possible) of a supply/fuel/ammo dump. With all of the admin, personnel and working area that would of been in place. If we could get it as historically accurate as possible then I think that we could recreate something very special.


ABN please keep those pictures coming!

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Great pics, but I don't think I will be doing anything on that scale ABN! I've already got an idea for making up piles of boxes, I've just to decide what would have been in them. I found some nice pics on the Google Life images search, but it doesn't seem to be working now, and I didn't save them when I went through them first time :cry:

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This will probably never be seen again...




Allied Forces Hqs.

Giant supply dump of the Army Quartermaster Corps where Amer. soldiers & Italian POWs are moving boxes of C rations on long, rolling conveyor tracks leading to waiting ships which will be loaded before sailing to the front in Italy.

Location: Bizerte, Tunisia

Date taken: 1943









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Well done , seems you struck gold in your searching ! Perhaps instead of munitions and small parts crates you could do vehicle crates ? fewer to make and each would take up more room !

Think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ending /Kingdom of the crystal skulls begaining scenes warehouse

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