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Operation Bolero 2010


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In a recent communication with HMVF regular contributor N.O.S. he made reference to the fact that his ambition is to get his Autocar tractor unit pulling his USAAF Gasoline trailer to the next Operation Bolero convoy event..........Well this has set me thinking.


Jack (Award Winner) Beckett has also advised me that he would love to own a semi-unit of some description and bring it on the next Bolero.



Now the infamous duo of 'Abbott and Stevens' are willing and enthusiastic to organise another Bolero event and we have already thrown some of our own ideas into the melting pot - But this is just the very early stages.


Our initial thought is that the event will take place in the summer of 2010 - There is simply too much going on next year what with the Normandy Anniversary and Market Garden. Another thought is that we make the event longer, possibly five days, as the three day event last year was great, but could have been greater.


But the input I want from you guys is 'What do you want out of the event?' I'm not suggesting that we can implement everyones desires or ideas, but its worth throwing peoples thoughts into an open forum. We naturally have our own ideas about how we see the event working and (lets face it) we do have a good track record of success for delivering shows/events of some uniqueness..............and this one will be no exception.


I have some of my own ideas and one thing that does give me personally a buzz is implementing period aircraft into the mix at suitable opportunities. I think this worked well in 2007 what with the Boeing Stearman at Parham and the P-51 at Hardwick. I would like to build upon this theme for 2010, but aircraft cost serious cash and we would need sponsorship of some strength - Not necessarily easy in the current financial climate.


I also have a thought that the event would attract such a level of interest that we would have to limit the vehicle convoy participation to a maximum of 100 vehicles. Lets face it, we had some 80 vehicles last year and with the good publicity and follow-up interest that followed, I don't think we will struggle for entrants.


Then there is the question of an entrance fee! This is something I personally bitterly object to and will not take any of my vehicles to an event that commands that I pay an entrance fee (mentioning no names - War and Fleece!) But then again, is Bolero actually a profit making show, organised for the purpose of money making or is it a unique event, which actually puts an enormous amount of work (over 12 months planning) on the shoulders of the organisers, all for no financial benefit, but for the personal satisfaction that is achieved when the event all comes together and is pulled-off in the best possible style. This is a difficult one and something I have no defined rigid opinion on.


Over to you guys - Sorry but you know the score - Suitably appropriate WWII Allied convoy vehicles are the order of the day and I'm not up for discussing this old chestnut again as we have thrashed it out a million times. This has always been billed as a heavy haulage convoy event and we will naturally give preference to big wagons as apposed to two dozen Jeeps! (Please don't take offense Jeep owners!) Everyone is welcome however, but if you don't have a suitable vehicle to participate, double-up with someone who has!




Who wants to come?

What vehicle you want to bring?

What do you want out of the event?

What do you consider is a fair entrance/administration fee (if any)?

How many days duration would you like it?

What time of the year do you want it?

Any other points you consider relevant.


Just including a few photo's below to remind HMVF'ers what the event strives to achieve - A living and breathing memorial to the memory of the USAAF in East Anglia during WWII, whilst having an enjoyable and educational experience for all participants.

















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Please try and stick to the original theme of the thread - i'e what do people want from Bolero? From the look of the above comments, it appears the answer is 'pictures from 2007!'


Good point about the school holiday though - Eleanor's school is clamping down on unauthorised absences also, so its worth baring in mind, particularly if we decide to go for a five day event.

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I don't think anything really needs changing regarding the format, just need to decide when, where and how many days. For those travelling a long way, it would also be nice if it led up to another local event or came after another so we could incorporate the two events in one trip.



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Count me in... would"nt miss it for the world!!! anywhere from three to five days will do me.

bolero 2007 was incredible!!!! more of the same please!!!!




ps can we have a dated t shirt this time please!!

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- PS, can we have a dated t-shirt this time please!!


What and risk not being able to sell the remaining stock after the event is over???


No seriously, a good suggestion and one that I will be sure to incorporate!

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If it is going to be 5 days that would be great, if it is anything like 2007 it will be well attended.

How about some evening entertainment, I have 2 of the tents you had up there last time so I am sure one of them could be put next to the other one to make a nice bit of covered tentage to have a bit of a do in !!!!!!!!


Jack hope you will be there for the duration this time

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Oh but you need a truck to take there to put the petrol in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Not a problem - have one of those...it just doesn't work!




What are you going to take and do you want to do the same as last time with lowloader.


Yes please Madam, hope to have an Autocar by then:sweat::cool2::??? so that would be going up :-D


- we will need enough room for the beer!

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Have the master in the office!


Never got my masterpieces (:-D) added to this collection - so if anyone wants them, ask. I am (as ever) hugely backed up with stuff at the moment. But I do keep my promises eventually.


The Barnes archive is currently in a storage unit a mile or so from my house - so I cannot do this for a bit.



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