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  1. I tend to paint mine OD but black I think is the “official “ colour but loads of variations....
  2. Hi mate, wooden parts wax or clear varnish from memory....check the Jeepdraw.
  3. Hi Chris, I have run a WC62 for the last ten years with very few problems apart from being a tad slow (same engine as 3/4 tonnes) best place for parts and advice is Dallas Autos Steve Rivers good quality and fair price...no real problems that I know of....just check the normal things and enjoy!! Dave
  4. Hi Bill, firstly you are a tad late for this year.....but assuming you are referring to 2016 you're best bet is to decide which beach or area you wish to base yourself near and Google campsites for that area....there are loads to choose from, you may wish to spend half the week in a different area...anyway have a good time...I live in Sainte Marie du Mont so give me a toot as you go through!! Dave
  5. Lovely job there Howard as per normal!! lets hope the bottom does`nt fall out of the water softner market!! LOL
  6. Post the pic on the G503 forum in the jerrycan section....guy called Reg font of all knowledge re cans.
  7. May i suggest the addition of a piece of foam on the "seat" for the trip to Normandie.......the last thing you need is pile`s at your age!!!!!
  8. One warning triangle is all thats needed in France....you need two for Spain also no current fine is in place for not carrying a breathalysler.
  9. For the correct WW2 antenna tie down search on the G503 forum loads of radio folk on there.
  10. that could be a WC63..........
  11. Before buying pioneer tools it`s worth checking the lists over on the G503 forum as i think Jeep shovels have different handle`s to normal US pioneer tool shovels. Dave
  12. Can someone let me know if the link is working.......ta
  13. If anyone finds themselves in Normandie on the 9th of Feburary this is a worthwhile cause and a damn good day out! https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/583861861689836/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular
  14. Glad to hear you are out of hospital and on the mend!! Dave
  15. So sorry to hear that,speedy recovery. Dave
  16. Hi Mate, I got my cable from Wildenberg in the Netherlands but the inner drive cable only lasted for 10 miles,i ended up sending my broken inner and outer cable to speedo graph and they made me a new one. touch wood no probs after 500 miles! if you get stuck give me a toot and i will do my best to find my old one for you to use as a pattern. Dave
  17. Cracking piece of film thanks for posting. Dave
  18. Try ringing round some of the Builders Merchants,i worked for a Merchant until recently and we kept a few in stock Dave
  19. Quick question...does anyone know where Paratrooper FR have gone? the shop on the hill in carentan is all closed up. Dave
  20. Hi Kenny, we are moving over to Normandy in mid June (just below Carentan) so if you fancy a little trip in a Dodge Wc give me a shout! Dave
  21. Evening Howard, hope you have a good weekend, we will be in saint mere eglise from the 14th so put your cheese order in now!! see you later in the year Dave
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