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DUKW in a field


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Was at Sibson airfield today to do a sponsored skydive (man that awesome!), and saw a DUKW in the field near the car park, didn't get too close in case it might be private property but got a photo, anyone know much about it? Sibson is in Cambridgeshire by the way, near to Peterborough and RAF Wittering.



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It was for the RNLI, always wanted to sponsor them and saw on the website there was a 'Leap for the Lifeboats 2006' appeal, so thought 'ah why not', despite the fact i'm scared of 1) heights and 2) falling! Last night the skydive buildings at the airfield were burnt down, seems a bit dodgy as the arsonists only destroyed the skyline company buildings and moved the gas cylinders away from the building first.


It was excellent, was scared as hell when going up in the plane, then when the door was opened and watched the two guys going before me jump right out of the plane scared me sh**less!


Falling was the worst bit, then it was absolutely excellent, when the parachute was pulled my hearing went funny but still was really good, even the descent with the parachute was fun circling around. Should get the DVD on about Thursday as the camera has to be taken home by someone to be edited and put onto disc because the computers were destroyed.


Well worth it though, been contacted by the helmsman at Trearddur Bay lifeboat station in Wales if i was interested in giving the sponsor money to their appeal for a new lifeboat, couldn't do it for this one but really tempted to do another one later in the year for em. If anyone reading this has ever wanted to do a skydive, go for it, if you do it for a charity you can do it for free as long as you get the sponsors.

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Might have something to do with the guy in the control tower I was talking to - him and his son own a WW2 Fairchild Argus in US Army colours, maybe he bought it as well, only thing I can think of. Would be nice to have a DUKW chugging around on Rutland Water!

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