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HMVF Beltring hall of fame


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this is the last lot for now because I have a flight to catch early tmrw. I'll do the rest of HMVF and then start on general MVs, people and battles when I get back...


mean time look out for R Cubed and (I think) G506 sneaking in the background of one of these snaps.







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Oh great stuff Snap and I thought we said that we would Photoshop Catweazle out??? He is in two bleeding pictures!


Good to see Lee's Place (not a restaurant ) AKA Camp HMVF.


Good to see Mr R Cubed - the guy has style, as long haired people have to stick together.

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It's a shame you forgot the sugar. And something to light the stove with. :nono:


don't forget only having one mug,.............had to go and buy one to get 'tight wad', :-D to put kettle on............until I showed him the biscuits.......:rofl:


As Jack has said,..........Chris, where were you,........:)




Great pic's,...........actually in two of them.......:sweat:



gotta go and lie down,.............visions of being famous.......:yay: :rotfl:



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correcting,............three of them; :sweat::sweat:


Didn't recognise the back of me head, whilst wheeling that jeep wheel.........:-D


Glory hunter ... when are you going to buy the rest of that jeep, as you only have the wheel you must be paying by instalments :-D



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Nice photos Mark, i missed the show this year first time since the old Tenterden rally days but i did get up to see the Reos rolling thunder on Thursday evening what a site that was when they lined them all up in convoy in the blue car park to get them all on the road a.s.a.p i managed to get some good photos, 31 trucks i think

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Yep, I've got Sabres and Heliops (plus fan club) - but for some reason, my home internet hates me posting snaps on HMVF and often grinds to a halt. My work system is fine, but I don't have the snaps to hand. I'll try again tonight etc.


Mark, the night shots of your WLF worked really well and there are plenty more of other HMVFers to post. Then I'll start on general snaps....if things ever work.


I hate it when things don't work properly.



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