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Getting closer........


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Went down tot he DVLA office in Sidcup today - what a difference!! Staff there could not have been more helpful!! They checked all the paperwork and said all was in order - but I needed an letter from a UK MV club stating the year of manufacture; the letter from the Czech equivalent of the MoD wasn't enough. Once I have this I'll be OK. In honesty the lady said she could have processed the application without it - but that would have given me a "Q" plate and she felt that as I'd gone to so much time and trouble so far it would look better wiht an age related plate.

No arguments from me there!! :)

I think I might have got one of those from Richard, if not I'll get in touch with IMPS or the MVT (again) and try and get one ASAP.


As you might tell - I'm feeling a lot happier today!! :):)

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Suprising enough, something in Sidcup can be of use. They are a very patient lot I have to say. Glad it's working out. The registry up the road has a large grass area, often see vehicles parked up there having wedding photos taken, the last one of intrest was a beutifully turned out 1960's Dennis Fire Engine. :-D Can't wait to see the beast in the metal.

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Not yet Joris. Still working on that one.

However - I went digging last night and found the letter Richard forwarded to me from his local IMPS branch that confirms the age of the vehicle.. So back to Sidcup next week armed with this and we'll see how we get on again. :)

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