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  1. Hi All BATES and BMETS RB44 were FFRs so the system could run itself but with the ability to use an external 24v source if available. I can not remember if there was a second 12v alternator fitted as standard as with some landrovers. The regulation is via the standard FFR system, but if the batteries are not checked they will run dry, bad maintenance!!!!
  2. Hi The manpack system was for the A41/42, not sure where the R41/42 comes from. As a young Radio Technician I was responsible for the maintenance of said equipment and indeed after much argument carried one to spell the Battery Signaler during jungle training in 1965 on deployment with an Artillery Regiment to Borneo. All manpacks at that time were classified an A in the equipment Range, A40, A41/42 A13, A14 A43R. Ian
  3. Iain The 'bags' form part of a manpack frame system for the A41/42 Larkspur Manpack Radios. So looking at Clansman will not help. Hope this helps Ian
  4. There should be two of these per frame, one radio bag, one antenna bag and if memory serves me right a spare battery bag.
  5. Is it the General Service Corps?
  6. Have not seen that 1/2 track since I left 4 Fd in 68 to go to Plymouth. Nor the group of ruffians, where mr Piper the driver!! Ian Collins, ( I was the Tels tech)
  7. I purchased a trailer mounted gen set for the trailer. Now the Genset is up for sale. It is a Coventry Victor 5KVA 50 Hz (CPS) trailer mounted unit part no X2/6115-99-900-5763 or in old money X2/XB/21469. The System has been disassembled to allow removal from the trailer. Engine rotates I have not tried to run the system. It may not have been run for a while. Spares or repair. Buyer needs to collect from the Plymouth area. Cash on collection would be good.
  8. Clive many thanks, BN has I think been upgraded by the Army with the generator as it has mod plates and NSN on the front end. I think I should move this thread to the relevant section out of the introductions. I will post some pictures of both in the next couple of days. Once again many thanks Ian
  9. Clive many thanks it would be nice to know what both trailers were configured as. 7851 has two angle sections welded 2/3rds the way front to rear between the chassis legs?
  10. Clive any idea who made the 3 1/2 was it a Coventry Climax?
  11. Info I have on the trailer is Con 6/Veh/8878 Chassis No TR392/1274 type 2T10CW1/GT FV2301A MK1 VRN 78BJ51 As for the other 81BN68 no data plate but there is a Repair plate It also has flat sides no pressings in the body panels!
  12. Clive 78BJ51 has nothing not even the tub. Any idea what the 31/2 KVA was?
  13. Thanks Yes that was my next quest, it (81BN68) is fitted with a Coventry Victor AC4 engine and 5KVA generator no idea what it was used for. tac sign on rear has SCOT/271. Tub requires some work, no floor, 78BJ51 has only, well nearly, a chassis it had been converted with a HiCap body by some, and I will leave that blank. Only had the pair a couple of weeks
  14. Hi The name is Ian I am ex Military joining as an Apprentice Radio Tech Royal Signals at Harrogate in April 1960. I left in 1985 as an REME Artificer Tels. I have had an interest in Military vehicles in particular those with B series engines and others of that vintage I currently have a Austin Champ, needs lots of work, 94BE94 and 2 Trailers 78BJ51 and 81BN68. Both need some work.
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