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Locking wheel nuts for L/H side (N/S ) righthand thread

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As I was recently looking at the wheel nuts on the Old Humber, (4x4 HU)

one wheel stud on each passenger side wheel was drilled out,

there was a protrusion of about 1/4" on the top of the stud which used to have a split pin though it, I ground this off (oops)

I will re-drill.


on the rear axle, the front axle the stud has fallen out.


or rather been pulled out, leaving a slot.

the wheel nut has been drilled not quite all the way thought.IMG_1959.JPG.3a8f4d9ae7c590f659a2f27bc23b9607.JPGIMG_1960.JPG.866a4298aac7037fc2a6ec9653cb296d.JPG


as these are 1/2" BSF RH threads, I can see why this was done on the passenger side.

just an idea as to how this worked,

circular plate dia of hex nut, retained by split pin and washer.

circular plate has dowel to located in wheel nut/wheel stud.


although there is white paint over these, I think the paint was added 30 years ago when it was first recovered.

the job is well done, but when?

would be a bit difficult to torque that wheel nut down and get the pin to line up.





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better info.
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