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Scammell Crusader Gallery

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Awaiting disposal at Jacksons a couple of years ago ! photostosendtoccmv0092.jpg


I remember the one with the fogs, it was a 1982 build (2 years after Roadtrain production started), ex RAF Staxton Wold, no winch, about 6500 miles and still had the protective film on the door trims and headlining. RAF reg was 78AN14 and chassis was WHV63223 making it the last but one Crusader ever built. It was cast in 1996, disposed via Aston Down and finally sold at Jackson's tender sale in 2005. The civvy reg is now EPT 532X if anyone has seen it since.:-D

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Well spotted Mike ! A lot of miles left in that old girl then ! :-D



Just a few, I bid on it in the Jackson sale where it stood with a blown diaphragm in one of the spring brakes but was outbid.


I have just left a bid on one of Witham's ex RAF S26s which replaced the Crusaders for towing radar trailers, so watch this space:sweat:

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Good luck mate I bid on the Meadows that was in the sale but was also unsuccessfull ! I wonder who won that ! :-D


Just received an invoice from Witham so I rather gather I bought it with a cheeky bid of £4.5k less than suggested...... Bit new for this site but remember I went through the Explorer/Martian/Constructor phase back in the 80s. The T45 Roadtrain was the first LGV I drove commercially and I have always had a misguided soft spot for them - probably from smashing my head on the roof due to the rock hard suspension.:shake:

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