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  1. John, 2400+ rpm does usually manifest itself immediately.... usually in the form of valve collisions with piston crowns resulting at best in compression loss and at worst.... Well lets just say its not pleasant! All the best Nigel
  2. Might be able to help you there, drop me an email if you are still in need
  3. Certainly did John wasnt keen on frying anything on that old girl!!
  4. Thought it was about time this thread came back to the top. Couple of pictures from The Miitary Vehicle Show at Duxford IWM at the weekend Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr
  5. Great pics Andy! That lovely Foden 6x6 had me drooling I can tell you, unfortunately the Lady of the house confisctated my bloomin cheque book before we set out from home!! Thanks for posting, great stuff indeed. Nigel ps Any chance of a few of the Crusaders in higher res sometime?
  6. I have a few from the sandpit. Really sorry about the picture quality and lack of info, not really a Tank or tracks man but hopefully someone can identify a few. I do know the one with the two Anti Aircraft guns fitted to the turret was a Marconi prototype, purchased by the museum for £1.00... Now I would have given them a fiver at least! Hopefully some will find enjoyment in these along wih a few wheeled vehicles as well... Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr Duxford MVS 2012 by plantters, on Flickr
  7. Thanks very much for taking the video and posting it up Andy, made my morning! Niels, Andy speeded the footage up, we were only toddling along really Was a lovely weekend all in all with a perfect flight up in the old Rapide to end the day which was the perfect way to end the weekend for all concerned. Thanks to all who popped over and said hello and thanks to all who helped to organise the event, will take the pioneer up there next year for sure. And thanks to my Cousin Andy who came up to drive the RE35 with his family, hopefully you enjoyed it all as much as I did Thanks again Andy for the Video, great stuff All the best Nigel
  8. Should be there Saturday with Crusader Wrecker and RE35 Tractor unit. Lets hope the rain keeps off!
  9. Rant away!! Its even worse when you have to schedule in 42 mots for HGV's and for whatever reason your local station is booked up solid. Furthest I have had to travel is the 96 miles to Ipswich!!
  10. [h=2]IWM Duxford M.V. Show[/h] Enjoy the excitement, power and thrill of the Military Vehicle Show – the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. Experience the sheer power of some of the biggest Second World War tanks alongside quirky smaller vehicles such as jeeps and 1940s ambulances. Living history groups will be bringing military campaigns of the past to life. See military vehicles in action as they take part in a cavalcade along our runway. An adventurous day out for all the family! Exhibitor forms and Camping applications now available to download on IWM website http://www.iwm.org.uk/events/military-vehicle-show Will be taking the Trusty Crusader EKA for sure and hopefully my RE35 and Pioneer as well running out of time to get those two ready arghhhhhhh!!
  11. If you have problems let me know, checked today and my local factor has the common thread sizes and can get the unusual ones usually next day Nigel
  12. Most good Commercial vehicle factors carry them. Truck and Trailer components list them in their catologue in all colours and differing thread sizes, male and female. Nigel
  13. I think the thoughts behind it are not the Radials on the rear but the cross plys on the front, Less deflection of sidewalls so less tread on the ground making it easier to steer... Thats the theory anyway, the practice is something entirely different!
  14. Hi Kevin Coopers filters part numbers are as follows, should be able to cross ref to most good makers part Oil AZL041 Fuel - canister type AZF015 Fuel - Spin on type AZF051 Air - OD 235mm HGT 343mm AZA309 Air - OD 282mm HGT 419mm AZA314 Hope that helps Nigel
  15. That threw me a bit as well Mike but its what was written on Niels' plate that he was good enough to photograph and send me a copy of. A little research in the oxford dictionary leads me to believe this isnt a typo but in fact as it would have been written back in the day. [h=1]shew (shew)[/h] Pronunciation: /ʃəʊ/ [h=3]verb[/h] old-fashioned spelling of show I have just completed the artwork in Illustrator for an exact copy of the plate and will be engraving it on a nice piece of brass for my own 2 pioneers. Will put up a picture or two once done. As for whether these plates were standard issue or not... Well both my pioneers have holes drilled on the the top of the engine cover which would be about the same dimensions as the plate on Niels' one so I wouls hazard a guess to say yes they were. Nigel
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