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  1. After a small technical problem with the supercharger at the start of the week it was great to see it up and running and powering around the arena.
  2. Its Simon Stolly on here who owns the Rb44 that was parked by Stal's Foden.
  3. Beware with the bigger Foden you will subject to the forum width police when you come to put it on the road. Do some home work before taking the plunge.
  4. Is a date applied to construction and use reg's that allow grand father rights as such to early vehicles?
  5. I'm finding it rather funny that the general feeling is i will do what i like to my truck and disregard the law attitude is being applauded here, yet in the is a 432 legal threads anyone who sticks up for keeping their taxed/insured/registered 432 is shot down for putting a track on the road for a vehicle that rightly or wrongly has been considered road legal for a long time.
  6. Dave, We have B81's and K60 packs in the yard you could look at/measure up when you pop in.
  7. Anyone know the purpose of this odd Sankey? Looks as if the front panel is removable. Never seen this type before, its currently listed on a Mod disposal site in Germany.
  8. I have had the same happen on a Series 3 engine and box, parted in the end by using a hi-lift jack wedged against the back of the block and the nose of the jack against the gearbox. Keeping pressure on the jack and belting the handbrake drum ( didnt want to damage the gearbox case) it let go in the end.
  9. The problem with towing on poles is they can be next to invisable to the public even with a marker hanging from the middle of the pole. Had a close escape when being towed in a mates 110 with his other Landrover. Coming out of a side street into traffic stopped for a set of lights, a guy in the waiting traffic flashed him out into the stationary traffic as the lights changed. He pulled out and the guy started to move forward behind him oblivious to the pole with a 110 attached bearing down him. Luckily there was nothing on the pavement so i had to mount the kerb and squeeze the 110 through a narrowing gap between the car and a lamp post! :wow:
  10. ArmCarp and myself had a good run down in 432. Great weather for the show and a decent turn out.
  11. I seem to be having problems opening the PDF's in Clives corner? Been trying to open the ones relating to tents and they crash my browser. Using current version of Firefox. Cheers Jon
  12. It will fit but the gearbox tunnel is a different shape so will have a different shaped cutout in the front of the seatbox.
  13. Why wont it fit in the classic? Looks like a standard lt95. Not a 101 box as the bellhousing is too long and not an lt85 as that has a seperate transferbox.
  14. How about the red glass light lens? They have obviously been replaced by the plastic mushroom ones for exterior lights but are they still used as a visual fire warning indicator in current equipment?
  15. Been numbers of almost new looking ones going through for a while now and no they will not sell them.
  16. A Google search for Over Centre latches will turn up all sizes and shapes. Your local caravan/ trailer spares place will have common ones like that normally.
  17. Could it be in relation to the 101FC as they were used in Mortar roles?
  18. Poptopshed

    new toy

    Looked good otherwise, all the hoses to the block seemed to be there so if you have a spare one jobs a good one.
  19. Poptopshed

    new toy

    Of the two complete looking ones in the tender one was missing the crane control block.
  20. :shocked: Be a good call to Auto Windscreens.
  21. I doubt they know how hard a stolly is to cut up. :wow:
  22. Like any tool used correctly they can be handy bits of recovery kit but in the hands of a gun-ho idiot they are a disaster waiting to happen.
  23. Great pic's thanks for posting, would love to see more.
  24. When the engine is hot the fan should be stiff to turn by hand and when cold it should spin freely. Its a simple check to see if the viscous unit on the fan is working.
  25. The rims wont be for a ltwt as they would be 5 stud and 101's are 6 stud hubs.
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