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Is there a MOT for Track/armour Vehicles we have one for trucks and cars :?: . I know that alot of military vehicles are exempt from MOT testing due to age but alot of owners have them tested for safety reasons and a offiical persons opinion of the condtion of the vehicle. If you use your track/armour vehicle on the road what checks do you need to do consdering some track vehicles can reach speeds of 50 mph on roads :?: If there is no MOT requierment do you get a seconed opinion on the condtion of your armour :?:

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Is there a MOT for Track/amour Vehicles we have one for trucks and cars :?




Tracked vehicles of any kind are exempt from MoT testing. As with all vehicles that are exempt, it is of course, no excuse not to have them in safe and fully roadworthy condition. If you feel you need a second opinion on any aspects of this, there are experienced people around who could do that for you.



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