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Removing paint off light lenses?

paul connor


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Another way of removing paint from plastic is fresh brake fluid takes a while but will do the job found out the hard way one night driving home in my MGB when I had it, all I could select was third and overdrive third. Also any good and I mean a good model shop will have a product that removes paint from plastic, I've got a tub somewhere in my modelling stuff haven't used it in quite a while.



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I hope you vehicle enthusiasts don't all take this the wrong way. I do admire you all for your dedication. The one thing that spoils your displays of vehicles is your sheer bloody-minded determination to get everything perfect.


F'rinstance, at the Regimental Association weekend, I saw a line-up of CVR(T)s. At first glance I didn't detect the cuckoo. There lined up between a Samson and a Samaritan (IIRC) was a Scorpion, 02 FD 21. That's right, somebody had taken the trouble to get an example of a vehicle that many of us old comrades had done our time on. (I have a short clip of it being reversed off the display area at the end of the afternoon, in which my old RSM all but walks into me. I'll see if I cannot upload it for you delectation. The Geordie voice taking the Micky out of all and sundry with the running commentary is ... me)


The problem was that all the current vehicles were, frankly grubby, because that's how they are (and always have been) whereas the Scorpion had been lovingly resprayed and oiled up to make it shine.


There were also a Panther and something similar (a Piranha?) on display. I couldn't get over a Ferret replacement that weighed 7.5 tons. I had a good laugh with the Sergeant showing me round when I passed comment on the camouflage effect of the bright red gloss H&S-conforming fire extinguishers attached on the outside. He told me, would you believe, that they have developed camouflage bags to put them in to conform with standards with compromising their cam. What a waste of everybody's time and effort.

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