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  1. What sun compass was fitted to the bracket on the nearside wing of the Daimler dingo?
  2. Anyone know of anybody doing any research on the WW1 light car patrols in the desert. By chance my wife has a relative in the light car patrols. British not Australia but there are a pictures and some original documents. He does appear to have done some service with the Australians. Anyone interested send me a pm.
  3. I have a series 2A lightweight landrover. The vent panel needs replacing. Ie the panel which fits on top of the bulkhead onto which the windscreen is bolted. need a replacement anyone got one ?
  4. Do they all fit or do I need a specific one? If so how do I tell which is which.
  5. I have a series 2A lightweight landrover. It needs a new grill. Is the 2A grill the same for all the series 2A or is the lightweight grill different.
  6. Has anyone got a british battle dress blouse and or trousers they do not want. Size 44 blouse 38 trousers. Not bothered if it worn. I have a Daimler dingo and want to wear it when driving it at shows. martin
  7. I have a series 2A Land Rover. The panels do have the aluminium corrosion. After rubbing off the white powder what is the best treatment to prevent its return?
  8. I have a 1969 series 2A lightweight Land Rover. At some time it was altered to series 3 spec. Plan is to put it back to original. What is the correct paint. also spares the seat box needs a couple of replacement ends, where is the best place to get them?
  9. I have a series 2A lightweight 1969. At some time it was altered to series 3 from headlights etc. Want to return it to original. Need a lightweight series 2A front grill. Anyone got a spare?
  10. Cannot seem to contact him. I am not on Facebook.
  11. My Daimler dingo needs replacement bolts. The radiator has armour plate in front of it secured by countersunk slotted set screws. Does anyone know the bolt size?
  12. The rear lights on my dingo have G4 12v 20w halogen bulbs. Does anyone know if a led is made which fits. If so any recommendations as where to get them and cost. thank you
  13. Like most of us my vehicles have not been out much this year. Is there a solar battery charger made. They idea being to leave it topping up the battery whilst it's sitting there.
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