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Lightweight Land Rover mud flaps

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Yes,  but only Royal Marine Lightweights - only at the rear ,totally different to LR civvy Optional Parts.   They were not listed on the  Winterisation Kit Inventory.   They are to Drawing No. FV721927  & the NSN  is -  7RU 2540 99 838 7207.  My  55KB92  came fitted with them from Kinross Motor Auctions  in 1992  , still has them fitted  (they fit between the rear bumperette & chassis)  & I have a new spare set c/w  details label & poly-bagged.


I say  only RM  , but that may not be correct as Army & RAF had winterised  L'wt  - normally Helo Support  , odd photographs seen of these - I don't recall mudflaps & actually RM winterised L'wt photographs in service are very rare .

In recent months a member  Royal  ?  (I need a think & a seach)  - he posted in service pics of RM L'wt  in Norway himself as RadOp with Helo  ,  I would have to check pics again - may show flaps  ?


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34 minutes ago, ruxy said:

Search the posts of  Royal42

Yes, they are on his photos.  But I wasn't thinking of those type of mudflap which appeared on both winterised and bog frog Lightweights - they're a bit specialised and of a different size.  I was thinking of the standard Land Rover part with 'Land Rover' emblazoned on them.  These were about, from time to time, but rarely and always fitted by an individual rather than as policy.

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I have fitted Series with Land Rover logo to L'wt and would certainly not do it again.  Stanley knife cut off top taper of rubber & use the kit pressed angles / fixings - same as you would on a Series , it creates a bad rust trap against the chassis .  The front - a simple mod. bend the bar support - at least this stops mud & $hit being thrown up on outriggers and fuel tanks.

Scroll down for photographs of mud-flaps  +  DIY dimensions


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