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Hello from the colonys

snow man

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Hello to all my intrests are GMC's , DODGE , STUDEBAKER WEASELS, and colecting field gear. Over here we do like our guns a i guess i'm no exception mostly military and from ww2 . I think this is a great forum you got here and i hope i can add what little i know to it . Thanks! :)

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Hi Snowman.


Nice to have to have you and as Mark said, just keep Berni sweet by sending her some biscuits otherwise she makes our life hell :shock:


Like the sound of your gun collection, what have you got?



Best wishes.



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Hello Thats nice to know about the [ biscuits] .Where I'm at here in the south we like buttermilk biscuits with a big'ol slice of country ham. One day i would like to post some gun photos at last count i think there were about 35 or so. Im really wanting to get more full auto weapons i have a M3 grease gun and uzi now. Hope to here from more I'll be easedropping on the side. Thanks Mike

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