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Alain Roudeix collection

Great War truck

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Can anyone confirm whether Alain Roudeix has died? His collection of MV's is coming up for auction in France.


In case you dont know Alain was a member of the French resistance and tasked with cleaning up the mess at Falaise in 1944. He kept a great deal of stuff for himself and this is now all up for sale. It is all WW2 german soft skin and it is all original - totally original as he just picked things up and tucked them away in sheds.


I will let you know when the auction catalogue is available and will post a link.


Tim (too)

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We bumped into him at the Tiger tank in Vimoutiers on a trip to Normandy. He told us of his struggle to save the last scrap Tiger from the battle of the Falaise Gap from the scrapmen and chatted for a while. He then invited us back to his house for a glass of wine and showed us his collection of WWII artefacts - one thing I remember in particular was a low mileage and original Kettenkrad... Another was the first thing he (a teenager then) stole from the Nazis - a Jerrycan full of oil - he explained that the resistance reasoned that everything they stole from the Nazis made the war more difficult for the occupiers so every tin of oil counted.


He lived through terrible times and if he's now died, at least he survived the brutality of the Nazi occupation to die of old age. I feel privileged to have met him.



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Great story John and another special meeting for you.


I have just had some PR sent to me from Patrick Sarrazin-Chief Editor-

VEHICULES MILITAIRES Magazine and I have asked for some more details, as soon as I have something back I will post up.

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Vehicules Militaire is an excellent magazine. It has motivated me to attempt to understand French.


Patrick Sarrazin might be worth approaching for an interview. It would be very interesting to hear how the MV restoration hobby is progressing in France in the light of the recent legislation.


Tim (too)

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Sad news indeed,

met Alain first of all in late 74, whilst detecting i France he was selling relic SS helmets (double decal )with liners for the price of 1 franc :cry: :cry: but i did not believe in buying relics in those days :dunno: it was he who introduced me to the owner of scrap yard in Trun.

seems a long time ago now.



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The auction catalogue is now available on line at:




If you can wade past all the early bicycles and motorcycles you will find some real gems. Interesting to see a Muzzle brake off of a panther (that will appeal to someone we know) and lots of German tank parts. Piles of German MV's (very nice Kettenkrad) and artillery parts and some Jeeps as well.


There are hundreds of lots to look through and i keep spotting something interesting and unusual. If you click on the thumb nail it will give you a full size picture which is of very good quality.


Lets get Jack to take a group of us in his GMC to do some shopping and we can fill up the spare space with the duty free on the way back.


Tim (too)

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Just gone through the catalogue again. The highest estimates are on the Kettenkrad and Schimwagen at €50,000 each. Lots of other intersting things too. A great big pile of wirecutters estimated at €20 would be bargian. A lot look to my eye as being ex military and would clean up well to sell on at a profit.


Interestingly, some vehicle seen in the background were not in the auction so i suspect that it will be added to or a new catalogue for the next day will be issued shortly.


Tim (too)

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Building links with the French makes massive sense to me - so I agree an interview with yer man would be a good move. I'm immensely jealous of the experience of you longer serving, but not necessarily older blokes, who've been out there in earlier times when sites and stuff were less sanitised.


A chap I met at Tilbury Fort show years ago once told me about his friend Alain and what a good guy he was. I was chuffed to ufck when I finally saw the Vimoutiers Tiger.



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  • 16 years later...

Only see this topic now,  as I searched for Alain's name, as there was talk on a FB page, and they had the whole story wrong about the Vimoutiers Tiger,  that the village wanted to save it, but they wanted it gone, and Alain saved it, seems it's already forgotten, so I set that straight! 

Never met Alain personally, but knew of several people who did, and I went to the sale, that was the worst auction I have ever been to, so much was stolen at the viewing day already, as the auctioneers thought there would only be a handful of people, but about 500 turned up, and it was a mess, the following day, when the sale was held, there were people fighting to get in the way too small room, and it was terrible, I managed to buy a DKW RT125, but the engine was stolen. 

Was a weird experience! below some pictures.

R.I.P. Alain Roudaix.

Cheers, Lex

Alain Roudaix 01.jpg

Alain Roudaix 02.jpg

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Here some pictures from the viewing day, I also managed to buy the 2 6Pdr. wheels, but not the 75mm. Pack Howitzer, that is what I actually came for, as it was withdrawn from the sale, so I bought the 125 DKW, best buy of the sale there, as they are extremely expensive now! Still have it ofcourse.


6 Pdr wheels Lex.JPG

BMW R12 01.JPG

BMW R12 02.JPG

BMW R12 03.JPG

BMW R12 04.JPG

BMW R12 05.JPG

BMW R12 06.JPG

BMW R12 07.JPG

BMW R61 01.JPG

BMW R61 02.JPG

DKW NZ 01.jpg



DKW RT125 00.JPG

DKW RT125 01.JPG

DKW RT125 02.JPG

DKW RT125 03.JPG

DKW RT125 04.JPG

DKW RT125 05.JPG

DKW RT125 06.JPG

DKW RT125 07.JPG

DKW RT125 08.JPG

Einheitsdiesel 01.jpg

Einheitsdiesel 02.JPG

Einheitsdiesel 03.JPG

Einheitsdiesel 04.JPG

Einheitsdiesel 05.jpg

Einheitsdiesel 06.jpg

Falli rad 01.JPG

Falli rad 02.JPG

Falli rad 03.JPG

Falli rad 04.JPG

Falli rad 05.JPG

Falli rad 06.JPG

Falli rad 07.JPG

Falli rad 08.JPG

Guzzi 01.JPG

Guzzi 02.JPG

Guzzi 03.JPG








Kubel 01.jpg

Kubel 02.JPG

Misc 01.JPG

Misc 02.JPG

Misc 03.JPG

Opel Blitz.JPG

Pack 01.JPG

Pack 02.JPG

Pack 03.JPG

Pack 04.JPG

Pack 05.JPG


Zundapp 01.JPG

Zundapp 02.JPG

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