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Was at a farm sale today and amongst it all was a generator. Marked PIONEER GENE MOTOR, CHICAGO ILLINOIS. SIGNAL CORPS US ARMY. POWER UNIT PE77D. CLIMAX ENGINEERING CO. 250WATTS 115 VOLTS. So I bought it. 

Serial no 1242

Anyone got any ideas about its history etc?

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3 hours ago, Adrian Barrell said:

According to my technical literature, the generator is made by Pioneer but the engine is made by B&S. The PE-77-A to C used the model IL, the D and E used the model N. 

Thanks Adrian 

I actually looked briefly at this generator yesterday and did not think it looked like B&S and the engine data plate was not easy to read, so my mistake. Thanks 😊 


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Unable to see the engine model number, but if it is 'I' as per the Alaska Aviation Museum's one, the engine was made in July 1943. July's serial numbers run from 76259 to 78780 incl. with a total of 2521 produced, and yours being the 388th made, it would have been made in the first week of July. 

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