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  1. Cannot seem to contact him. I am not on Facebook.
  2. Contact details John wiseman?
  3. My Daimler dingo needs replacement bolts. The radiator has armour plate in front of it secured by countersunk slotted set screws. Does anyone know the bolt size?
  4. The rear lights on my dingo have G4 12v 20w halogen bulbs. Does anyone know if a led is made which fits. If so any recommendations as where to get them and cost. thank you
  5. Like most of us my vehicles have not been out much this year. Is there a solar battery charger made. They idea being to leave it topping up the battery whilst it's sitting there.
  6. My Bedford mw AC speedo needs a rebuild. Apparently it need re magnetising. Anyone recommend someone who can do this.
  7. Last chance boys anyone grown out of their blouse during lockdown?
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Checked the item straight away. Item withdrawn.
  9. Is there any real difference between Lucas points pt no DSB122 and DSB122C? Do they both fit my Bedford mw?
  10. Hoping to pick up a worn bd blouse rather than a new one. Want to wear it while driving my Daimler dingo.
  11. Yes I will have it . I will send a PM. Regards Martin.
  12. Anyone got a spare fuel pump, any condition. Quite happy to rebuild it myself.
  13. I think that all the shows should be cancelled this year.
  14. Is the show actually going ahead this year?
  15. Can anyone tell me the ac delco fuel pump number for my Bedford mw? Body number and arm number. thanks
  16. MartinN

    MVT shop

    Thanks all done.
  17. MartinN

    MVT shop

    Been trying to order on the MVT website but it will not let me. MVT outsource their stuff does anyone know their website or tel no want to order a couple of shirts. Regards martin.
  18. Many years ago 1986 I was coming to the end of my RAF service and was sent to Greenham common. We were accommodated in RAF trailers which had 3 or 4 individual tiny rooms each with its own door. All marked up in RAF markings. NATO towing hitch etc. Never see one again. Any idea wether any still exist?
  19. I have a Daimler dingo mk2. Does anyone know the bolt size of the domed screw head bolts that hold the floor plates down?
  20. My grandad was in the home guard. Does anyone know where I can look up his records?
  21. Has anyone got this email address?
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