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  1. Hi, What price are you thinking pls? jim
  2. Hi, Whilst I am far from an expert, by the looks of your adjusters you appear to have bands with plenty of life left. First gear adjuster nut may be stiff, adjust it and see if you cure the slip! Regards Jim
  3. Hi, No, but I'm still interested in getting one.
  4. Hi All, I am on the hunt for the screw clamps that fasten the sand channels to the front of a ferret. Ideally a pair but will take a single if anyone has a spare one. Thanks, Jim.
  5. Trying to get on with my slightly basket case Daimler Ferret. I need a fuel pipe, namely the one from the left hand side fuel tank outlet to the switch over tap. Of the two pipes which feed the switch over tap its the shorter of the 2, (directly below the tank). Any help would be much appreciated. Jim.
  6. I will have them pls, pm sent.
  7. Now then everyone. Problem solved. It was, after all just a case of a leaking union on the capillary vacuum pipe from the carb to the dizzy. These engines just will not run correctly if there is a leak on this pipe. Thanks once again to all for their help in 'brain storming', great guys indeed. Jim.
  8. Hi Pete, Thanks for your advise. I agree with you that it would sound to be leaking air into the intake manifold. However, surely if this was the case it would not start and idle exactly as before, no mixture adjustment or use of choke either, also the brake servo has tons of vacuum when I touch the brake pedal! Very puzzling but whatever it ends up being I think it must be on or near the manifolds. Thanks again, Jim.
  9. Thanks Pete, I will get a vacuum gauge and do the test you've mentioned. I'm confident its a minor thing, because the vehicle was running perfect, (save for a blowing manifold) until I removed the manifolds complete with carb. So, one would think its something to do with those parts and the reassembly thereof. Thanks again, Jim.
  10. Hi Richard, I will check the exhaust flap tomorrow. No vacuum wipers, definitely a good healthy intake manifold vacuum, as proven by a nice steady idle and the brake servo stopping her great. Starts great and the cold start can be pushed fully home after 15- 30 seconds or so. Carb mixture screw 1 and 1 quarter turns out. Do you think the very light vacuum coming from the carb port is normal when on low to moderate throttle? Thanks, Jim.
  11. Hi Richard. Yes they are great gaskets. Checked with straight edge all faces when removed and all fine. Its certainly sealing well, I have a great brake pedal, manifold vacuum A1. I'm sure its nothing to do with the gaskets, but maybe the carb. I left the carb on the manifold when removed. The port vacuum (suck) coming from the carb is non existent on idle, then, on low to moderate revs I get a very light vacuum, doubt it would operate the advance plate in the distributor. Would the vacuum be greater when the engine is under low down load? My understanding is that when the throttle pl
  12. Hi Simon, hope your well. Yes, used the thick ones from Norman. Jim
  13. Hi All, I have a Bedford Oy which had a badly blowing exhaust manifold gasket. Changed the gasket but now the engine lacks low down power, its gutless until its on max revs. Ran perfect before the gasket change. Starts and ticks over fine, its a bit lumpy on acceleration though. Checked the vacuum advance on the carb and there is a weak vacuum, only enough to hold a postage stamp in place when on light to moderate revs. I'm wondering if that's the problem, a lack of sufficient vacuum to pull the advance rod at the distributor? I have checked the pipework and the diaphragm on the distribu
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