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We do have most of the parts to restore the truck M-2-4 where built for the U.S.M.C. They built about 9000 up to 1945 .No TM or not much information on them ( another challenge to get this one right ) One in picture is in USA Still some work to do . Dont think any others in UK T CORBIN

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Hi TC, what a superb project. You may already know him, but there is a fella in West Sussex who is seriously into 'Inters', maybe he could be worth talking to?

Good luck with it, I look forward to seeing the progress


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You've got a lot of work ahead of you, Tony, but at least you've been spared the most difficult decision of any project - how far to strip it down? :whistle: especially when a vehicle is in half-decent order to start with. I think that only by doing what you are having to do, can you achieve a really 'top drawer' result to rival the Wheatcroft boys!

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INTERNATIONAL made just over 9000 M-1-4 M 2-4 Trucks .Most went to the USMC some to USN. Our truck is M-2-4-5688.


Overall length 197

Curb weigth5820 lb

Gross weigth 8020 lb

GRD 232C six cylinder.L head

Horsepower 93@ 3400 RPM

Winch Braden MU-2

Tires/wheels 9.00x16 ND on 16x5.5 combat wheels




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