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Jeep confirmed as an SAS version.

Nick Johns

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Took my '42 Willys to Beltring for the experts at the Desert raiders assoc. to take a look at the numerous welded up holes in the scuttle where obvious gun and armour mounts were, also reinforcing plate under bonnet for spare wheel mount They confirmed its undoubtably been a Normandy/Europe SAS one....rare !!

Pics posted below


Next edition of CMV mag features an article about SAS/Airbourne Jeeps

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:-) Nice One,...............did you have your suspisions, on this ?? and are you going to replicate that look.............(will certainly get the jeep 'rivit counters', mumbling into their cocco,............ :evil:)

Any PIC'S................. :-) :-)


All the best,



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After much deliberating :| whether to put the '42 Willys back into its SAS trim I've now sold it on :-( to the owner of the SAS/LRDG collection as featured in latest CMV mag, its gone to a good home to join the most amazing collection of SAS/LRDG vehicles anywhere,....

....And already replaced it with an equally rare green machine. :-D... a 1960 M422a1 Mighty Mite...no not the thing you find in yer carpets..an ex USMC lightweight alluminium 4X4, only 3500 ever made, apparently only 3? in UK more details and pics soon, start looking for Vietnam gear now..

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Well done!

Before becoming a restoration fanatic I found a DKW 175 motorbike that I wanted to use as an everyday runner. Of course this would have meant some serious modification because most of the spares were too expensive.

A collector told me that it was, indeed, a rare version so in the end I gave it to him for an amount double that my purchase price ( twice nil is still nil).

Now that motorbike is shiny like the day it rolled out the factory....


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I could have advertised it on Milweb for some ludicrous price and seen it go out of the country but the new owner was very pleased to aquire it and I'm very happy it's gone to the right person who will restore it properly for us all to see in the future..




thats good to hear,..................seems like a lot of kit gets snapped up by, those who are in a position to simply 'write a cheque',.........((lucky barstewards. :whistle:)


Good luck with your new project. :-)

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Hello guys, when Nick mentioned the reaction of the french guys at Beltring he wasn't understating !! It was me in broken school French who introduced us and invited them to have a look . You've never seen so many excited guys drop their wine glasses so quick, and start taking piccys, the air was alive avec ooo la la's and sacre bleus :-o



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