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  1. Only just 1940’s but might fir the bill: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/411761666573068/
  2. Spotted this today. I have no connection with the seller and it isn’t something that I could contemplate taking on but maybe somebody on this forum would be interested in saving it? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/411761666573068/
  3. Hung on those bent chassis ends, just where you left it... 😜
  4. Some mistake, surely? Vietnam is around 100 degrees E. So working on the basis that the object was deployed around 80 degrees W, at a guess was it deployed by the USA in Cuba?
  5. Look closely at the photo. There are several details which lead me to believe that this vehicle dates from rather later than 1915, in particular the wheels & tyres, not to mention the telescopic front shock absorbers.... I’m no expert but I would suggest that this is a modern attempt to create an approximate representation of a civil war era Armstrong-Whitworth FIAT, as pictured.
  6. In an ideal world the aircraft would be fully restored and preserved as original but at least this way it will continue to exist and, as long as it exists then restoration to original remains a possibility, should a future generation appreciate such things.
  7. I’m disposing of 5 Defender steel wheels with Michelin 7.50 x 16 tyres as pictured. 2 of the tyres are almost new, one is about 30% worn, one 50% worn and one is just legal. There is also a sixth tyre of a different size which you can have for nothing. Rims are scruffy but sound. Buyer to collect from Burley-in-Wharfedale, West Yorkshire. Sensible offers by pm please.
  8. Blimey, that starting price looks a bit steep, for a couple of crusty gauges and a bit of tin work that anybody halfway handy could make for themselves... 67Burwood, I have been following this thread since the start; nice work!
  9. Hi Does anybody know where I can get hold of some aluminium tread plate with this pattern please? I have searched the Internet but everything that is readily available is all of the modern “5 bar” pattern.
  10. Those are not weld beads, what you can see is a coating called “Zimmerit”, intended to stop magnetic charges sticking to the armour. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zimmerit
  11. Dave, you are correct. When I first went there in search of Karrier Bantam spares in about 1980 I was gobsmacked by the variety of types and ages of vehicles in there. Boats and aircraft, too. All cleared very quickly in the late 80’s, sadly.
  12. Spotted what looks like a Militant to me the other day, at a location that was once a scrapyard full of all sorts of military vehicles but was almost entirely cleared some years ago. I was too busy to stop and take a photo but here is an image from Google Street View. No idea as to condition or whether it is for sale but if anybody wants to save it please PM me for the location.
  13. OK, got my anorak on now... The Morris Minor in the photo has the larger rear windscreen, which definitely dates the photo to 1956 or later. Also, although it is difficult to be 100% certain, IMHO the car under the cover is probably a Farina-bodied Austin Cambridge or Morris Oxford, which would date the photo to 1959 or later.
  14. OK, let me throw this into the mix, shoot me down if you will: The “skis” that the “goat” appears to be standing on, with closer inspection, look more like this Bedford badge. I am sure somebody will put me right but that doesn’t look like a Bedford lorry to me, so maybe it is there for another reason? Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment, maybe? Consider also the “goat”. Perhaps not a goat, but instead a crudely executed version of the animal from the B&H cap badge?
  15. “Self appointed Field Marshal”. I like it! 😀
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