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FV433 Abbot cooling system

robin craig


The Fv430 series are not something I know much about at all.


A friend has an Abbot with a cooling fan that doesnt seem to run.


I suspect he doesn't have manuals which is a sin to begin with but let us not go down that route.


He lives many hours away from me and I have never viewed the vehicle.


He complains that one of the cooling fans is not running. He asked me why.


Upon doing some research they are both run from the same hydraulic drive system and according to the manual of Doug's F432 site there is an adjusting screw for each fan speed.


Can anyone sow a picture of where that is located and suggest any more reasons that this obvious one for the fan drive not to work properly?


Thanks in advance

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There is only one adjusting screw and it's on the fan controller on top of the engine just behind the radiator. This photo is taken with the front of the controller and thermostat removed, the adjuster is under a cover.




However I strongly advise against fiddling with it as he'll only upset the fan that's working. Both fans are fed from the same pipework so it's a problem with that individual fan motor. Silly question perhaps, but is that fan free to turn?


(I wouldn't mind knowing the VRN of his Abbot by the way, mine is 08EB10)




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