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Should the flooding reach Essex then I'd be glad to help out!!

Right now though the flooded areas are quite a way away from us. Did think, watching the news the other night that a Stalwart or two would be a lot better that the rubber boats the emergency services were using......

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Funny you should say that Clive - there's a posting on the RL owners Yahoo group about the same topic. Once of the owners did offer his GG to assist the effort - and was told he would have to bid for one of the pumping contracts: Text of the post was:


>I sent an email to the Environment agency also, offering the use

of my GG for free and got a reply stating if I wanted to offer pumping services I should tender for a contract and gave me a list of contracts coming available.


No wonder the country is going to the dogs and everything costs

so much, You can`t offer to help without being paid.! Wrong wrong




Welcome to 21st Century UK......... :-( :-( :-(

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Ongoing discussions on various Land Rover forums about offers of help being turned down. Mostly down to insurance issues and other PC nonsense. Saw a privately registered BV206 in Gloucester on news last night though.


Seeing all the DROPS wagons in use I suspect we'll see the new Oshkosh tankers topping up bowsers next (assuming they're not all in hot sandy places)




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