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  1. Following on from my post from years ago ,42-3347 was abandoned over England on14 Oct 1943,Pilot Emery Chesmore crew...If you write down(Hand writing) Rowington and then Bovingdon they could easily have been misspelled as I've found through other items.If it is this Aircraft,One great suprise I've recently discovered is the waist gunner is still alive and recalls bailing out of the aircraft.Hew only flew one mission with the Chesmore crew and it was the only time he bailed out of an aircraft..I'm at present in contact with his son ...Will post more as I get it..
  2. Not been on the forum for a few years ,so just noticed this thread,We've got a Morris LRC MK 2 also in need of restoration,I'd possibly be interested in sharing any expense on parts you may be having made,I.E Turret for one as ours is missing .We also need several of the hatches as they are missing too. Regards Steve
  3. I've been trying to acquire some Rear leaf springs for my Dodge WC 52, but have had no luck..The shackle pins were worn and both springs had broken leaves and were generally in a 65 year old distressed state .After a little search and a few phone calls I was put in touch with Jones Springs in Wednesbury, Birmingham..http://www.jones-springs.co.uk/ Well I took them in, they completely refurbished and re tempered the springs resetting them up 1/2 inch , replaced the broken leaves (4 of them) re bushed the springs and shackles (6 of them) and supplied 8 news shackle pins made to fit..All for
  4. I have a Polsten Quad running but do not have a foot Pedal??
  5. Most batteries can be revitalised using a pulse charging system,which dissolves the crystals that clogg the plates. These Pulse rejuvinators actually do bring a really bad battery back to life.you can read more here : http://www.pppindia.com/bb/msgs/410.html
  6. This may help with some info http://www.penholdbase.ca/pdf/new-airport-ww2-1939-1945.pdf
  7. It's nice to see the MV's getting involved with the Poppy selling,We ( 8 of Us) attended our local shopping center (Solihull) last weekend with 2x Gmc's ,a Dodge a Jeep and the Polsten,after all the "ir...relevant paperwork" was sorted, we spent from 9am to 6 pm without a break and raised £2827.47p which is £461 more than last year,Who said there is a recession !!!!!
  8. Anyone going to Malvern Militaria on the 22nd November ?? http://www.militaryconvention.co.uk/Publish/Leaflets_Flyers/Flyer_Nov_2009.htm
  9. Some great pictures, Surprised to see myself talking to a fellow Polsten Quad owner
  10. Well Chaps,I too was at Stratford Armouries,Camped near the main building with the Anti Aircraft Gun.I spent most of the weekend taking the public for FREE Jeep rides around the 80 acre site. The site has the potential to be a premier event in the Midlands due to it's location and amenities. It was mentioned the possibility of putting on 2 events a year one to start the season off and one around August. Sorry I didn't get chance to meet other forum members but was very busy working to make the public enjoy themselves so they will come back next year!!!. Considering it was only 5 weeks
  11. Cheers Ash ,I'm contemplating getting a new regulator so if the resistor I've repaired fails I can replace it without having to wait for it in the post. The other alternative is to replace the insides of the Reg with a modern day 40amp regulator from a mini.I've been told that they fit inside the case!!. Regards Steve
  12. I'm in the Midlands(Solihull), I have used conductive silver paint and stuck the resistor back together secured it with the 2 screws and it's working fine.How long it lasts is another issue!!!!! Regards Steve
  13. Cheers Tony for the heads up, will give them a ring as not to far from me. regards Steve
  14. I've been investigating an intermittent fault on a Ford GPW,The Ammeter was working then not ,the battery would charge sometimes and then not,so I started with the testing of the Dynamo,this seemed to read O.K,so I furthered my investigation to the regulator,cleaning the contacts with a very fine diamond file,still intermittent readings.I then took out the regulator and found that one of the Carbon resistors on the base of the regulator had cracked,this was causing the problem. Does anyone know if the resistors are available and if so from where.There is a 30 stamped on the one broken and
  15. This how to spend a rainy evening in a GMC Or like this
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